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Apparently my style icons are 11.


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted purple or blue hair. Some super dark, extremely unnatural color. But I always thought it just didn’t fit my life, so it wasn’t going to happen. Recently I started seeing the rainbow hairstyles of having many colors mixed in, and the want resurfaced. And finally I decided, what about rainbow hair doesn’t fit my life? I am either in my house, or my car in line at school, or Target, or church. It’s not like I am a high-powered CEO of a giant corporation. The people I work with are just on email anyway. No one sees me. Why the heck not?

Oddly enough, I was taking my inspiration from this Lauren Conrad shot. I am madly in love with the ombre dyed tips.

So, hooray! I felt brave! I felt invincible! I felt alive! I went to my stylist, and said, “I’d really like to get rainbow hair…”

“Oh, that is fun! But your hair won’t REALLY do that.” Turns out there’s a reason I haven’t seen red heads with rainbow hair. First the parts to be rainbowed would have to be bleached. I had sort of assumed that. Then the bleached parts would be dyed. And it’d be super fun. For a week or two. She said the bright colors fade pretty fast. So unless I wanted to commit to really frequent dying and bleaching, it wasn’t really going to happen. Unless I was thinking of cutting a lot of length, and wanted to rainbow dye it first. Since it’s the bright rainbow colors that I really want, I decided this basically means it’s out for me.

So I did the next best thing and got trendy feathers. I just have two. But one is teal and black! I was so excited! Feathers! How fun and funky!

Do you know who else has feathers? Every 10-12 year old girl I’ve come in to contact with since. They’re everywhere. “I have a feather, too!” they tell me. “Hey, Ella’s Mom! I have a feather!” A checkout lady recently said to me, “Oh, I like your feather. My niece loves hers…she’s 11.” Not snotty. Just matter of fact.

Only I really don’t care. Because it’s fun. And it’s different for me. It’s a departure from the usual. And it’s lasted longer than 2 weeks – mine have been in for over a month.

So bring it on, 11 year olds! Can’t wait to see what we’re doing next!


RTT: Pseudo food, road trippin’, all cut short by not enough nap.


Soooo…it’s Tuesday again. SHOOT! I have written at least 4 posts in my head since last Tuesday. Here’s to hoping this week I get them as far as the computer. It really isn’t my intention to make this a Random Tuesday blog. At least for now, here are some random thoughts to tide me over:

  • The McRib is back! I’m well aware of how gross it probably is in real life. I mean, meat doesn’t come in that shape. But good gracious, it’s delicious. A few days ago I was picking up dinner for the girls (they weren’t interested in what we were having, and it was a sort of “way to go on swimming lessons” treat), and I spied the McRib in the center of the menu. I stopped cold, mid-order. “I’m sorry…I just noticed the McRib…” It took everything in me to stick to the dinner plan I already had.
  • I’m loading up all the chicklettes this week and heading to see all the grandmas & grandpas. This will be the first trip of any length with Zoey out of her carrier car seat. Captain America has to keep the wheels of capitalism turning, so I’m attempting a solo parent trip. Seemed like a great idea when I was just thinking of being there, not GETTING THERE. I mean, how the stink am I supposed to go to the bathroom? It’ll take us over 5 hours. I’m going to have to go at some point.
  • I’m fairly certain I spend 75% of my day picking up food bits off the floor.
  • I don’t consider myself to be much of a cook. The crockpot is my friend. Yesterday I made Chicken Stroganoff and it was delightful. My favorite crockpot recipes are the ones where I spend 5 minutes or less preparing it, and then whenever I want dinner it’s ready. All those recipes that require browning the meat before I put them in? I skip those. If I had time to brown meat, I’d just make dinner. That’s the point of the crockpot.
  • We haven’t carved pumpkins. And now we’re going to be gone. I have a feeling there will be no pumpkins carved this year.
  • Why do you suppose my baby is up a good hour early from her nap? Let’s hope she’s stockpiling sleep time for the car tomorrow.

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RTT: OD on caffeine


Well. Now that I’ve traumatized anyone who has ever cooked something for me. It’s already time again for some Random Tuesday Thoughts.

  • Last Thursday I ended up with the worst migraine I’ve had since high school. I am 33. So, yeah. Math. I’m blaming the migraine on McDonald’s for not offering decaf lattes. If you can sue for your coffee being too hot, I can probably sue for too much caffeine, right? Won’t it be fun when I have my millions, and all the coffee cups start saying, “CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN CAFFEINE.”
  • I bought a little Glade candle for the kitchen, and I have to say it is the nicest candle. It’s spiced citrus, and it is the nicest smell without being all “HOLY CATS, CANDLES ARE BURNING!!” Meanwhile, Ella had a panic attack. Why are you burning a candle?? Is the fire alarm going to go off?? MOM!! I SEE SMOKE!! Yes, you do. Because it’s a candle. And I have to light it on fire for it to work.
  • I’m trying to drink more water. I don’t like water. But I’m sure it’s still a good thing. Even if it isn’t bubbly.
  • The older girls have had two days off of school for parent/teacher conferences. I know you teachers are in the building. If it gets much worse around here, don’t think I won’t drop them off and run. Just make them do some cutting or stapling or something. It’s a little too much togetherness around here. And guess what? They’re off for 2 1/2 days next week for a state teacher convention. More math! 4 1/2 days in October! That’s practically a whole week of school.
  • And now I have threatened to separate the girls and put them to work. The separation is more traumatizing than the work. They’ve totally got the whole “best of friends, worst of enemies” thing down pat.
  • I am still in love with Pinterest. I like getting all the ideas. Tips and tricks. Crafty crafts. Foods to pretend I might make. That sort of thing.
  • It’s officially Fall in Wisconsin. After a good burst of Indian Summer, it’s sweater weather. That’s really how I determine everything. What temps do I like? I don’t know. I like to be able to wear jeans or shorts, with short sleeves and maybe a light sweatshirt or sweater. I like options. Yesterday I had to pull out the shearling boots. Which makes me feel like it might be a long winter, if I’m starting that this early. It’s not necessarily that cold outside, but I am that cold.
  • Zoey decided while we were at parent/teacher conferences that maybe she walks after all. She managed quite a few steps. She’s not giving up on crawling, especially not at home, but it gave me some hope that I won’t carry her to college.

If you dig random, Stacy’s got plenty more of it.

High maintenance


I’ve started to accept that I am high maintenance. I consider myself to be very easy going. But I think I’m also high maintenance, which is weird. I am particularly high maintenance when it comes to food.

For example:

  • I don’t like to drink milk. I only like skim milk on my cereal, and unless it was something like Cocoa Pebbles, I’m not going to drink the milk after I eat my cereal. This also carries over into cocktails, I do not enjoy a cocktail with any kind of cream. The only way I drink milk is in a latte. Decaf, or I’ll get a stomach ache or migraine.
  • I have issues with meat. I don’t like to be reminded that it was once alive, by things like chunks of fat or skin or bones. So I like my buffalo wings to be boneless. I really only cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I steer clear of red meat in general. My sister has always compared me eating red meat to a doctor performing surgery. I also stay away from most pork. I’ll eat bacon, but only if it’s super crispy. Fish is good, but I can’t stand any bones. The one super glaring exception to this would be crab & shrimp. I am just fine peeling shrimp and cracking crab. ¬†Or lobster. Other than that, you won’t find me gnawing on a turkey leg at the Renaissance Festival.
  • I don’t like beans. They are pasty and gross. I like my chili to be beanless. No beans and rice. No refried bean nastiness with my tacos. Glaring exception: I totally dig hummus.
  • My food can’t touch. I can’t tell you how many trips through a potluck line I had to take growing up. It wasn’t a good idea to have jello on the plate with hot things.
  • Nuts. Nothing ruins a cookie or brownie faster than a walnut. Or a pecan. I tolerate peanuts and almonds. Not almond extract or flavoring. But I really love peanut butter.
  • I don’t like whipped cream. I like cool whip, but not for real whipped cream. Or that crazy whipped “better creme” frosting nonsense. Give me the butter & lard filled sugar crunch of real frosting any day.
  • Also, no fruit and meat. No ham covered in pineapples. No porkchops with apples. No Hawaiian pizza. I did have a delicious sandwich with chicken, brie and apple the other day, but I think the difference was that the apple wasn’t cooked. It still tasted and felt like eating an apple.

So…now that I write it all out…that’s a little embarrassing. Worse than I thought. And I’m pretty sure no one will ever invite me to dinner again.

Random Tuesday Thoughts – I carnival now!


I always enjoy seeing what Gretchen has to say on Tuesdays. So I’m going to give Random Tuesday Thoughts a whirl. I’m blog carnival-ing. I’m a blog carnivaler. Here at the shiny new blog I have two categories for my posts so far: “Seasons” and “Random.” Seems like this whole RTT thing will fit in nicely. I am nothing, if not random.

  • I’m somewhere in the middle on Steve Jobs’ death last week. I’ve seen people deifying him, and people complaining that we should stop deifying him. Cancer is a truly awful thing, and I think it’s sad when anyone experiences and especially dies from it. Plus, I grew up with Apple computers. I have never owned a PC. So I say, thank you, Steve, for the lifetime of really cool technology I have enjoyed.
  • Just when I get used to Zoey’s sleep patterns, they change. We had just gotten the hang of a mid-day, super long nap. Now the nap seems to be shortening. Do we go back to two? Move it earlier? Is she just quitting? Why does she get up a little earlier in the morning now? Crazy babies.
  • I attempted swirled nail polish I found on Pinterest. I must have done something horribly wrong, because it just made a huge mess, and now I have nail polish stuck under my nails.
  • We went to the apple orchard on Saturday morning and it was fantastic! Beautiful fall foliage all the way, corn maze, barn animals, pedal tractors, apple sampling – it was a great time. And we came home with caramel apples. Why don’t I buy them all the time? Or thank goodness I don’t because I’d weigh a zillion pounds. It was a super thick coating of very chewy caramel. I was in caramel heaven. I ignored my screaming baby because I would not put it down. I wonder if I should go back. I wonder if they have them at the candy shop in town. Oh, and the caramel apple sundae at McDonald’s? That will surely do in a pinch – it was better than I expected.
  • Friday night we wandered into our modestly sized Barnes and Noble and saw Alton Brown from the Food Network. This is not a regular occurrence, we don’t usually have celebrity authors in our midst. I don’t think we have since we moved here a couple years ago. So it was a very fun start the weekend. I really want to know where he ate when he was here, and what he thought. Here’s my new friend Alton and me:

  • I think it’s crazy that we’re in peak Fall Color form, and yet my rose bushes continue to bloom like crazy. I feel like it says less about our gardening skills, and more about the fine people who lived here before us. Captain America gave them a good prune in the spring, but we really haven’t touched them since. One of them is particularly beautiful, because the roses seem to be in little clustered bouquets. I’d take a picture but it’s dark now. It’s always dark now.

So there you have it. Some Random Tuesday Thoughts. If you like random as much as I do, Stacy’s got a whole linky list of it back at her place. Just don’t expect me to contain my random in only one day a week.



I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love it and it hates me. Gives me a straight up tummy ache (why yes, I am a mom – how did you guess? did “tummy” give it away?). I think it smells amazing. I think it tastes great. But I hardly ever drink it.

You know when I say “coffee” I mean a fru-fru flavored latte, right?

So I usually drink a chai latte. Chai and I just have a love/love relationship. The spicier the better.

I’d like to take a minute to mention to coffee shops everywhere, “GET YOURSELF A DRIVE THRU.” I would waste so much more money on fru-fru coffee-like drinks if there were more with a drive thru. I am often on my way home from dropping off my older girls at school. Which means I probably have a jammy-clad baby in her carseat. Do you know how much work it was to GET her in the carseat? I’m not taking her out again for the sake of a coffee or chai. Also, while I may be dressed, I haven’t necessarily showered yet. It depends on how much morning nagging I’ve had to do. “Get dressed. Get dressed. What are you wearing today? Get dressed. What do you mean you can’t find jeans to wear, didn’t we just go through all your jeans? Did you brush your hair? I think you need to brush it again. Now you only have ten minutes to eat. C’mon. Time to eat. No, sit at the table.” There isn’t always time for me to shower before school. Because I’m not getting up before 7 if I don’t have to. All that to say, my coffee shop options are limited. In my ‘hood the only drive thru is at Starbucks. Which is ok because I really love their chai. But I prefer Caribou’s coffee, and a girl like me really likes to get her pumpkin on in all its forms. No drive thru. I’d be happy to support a local coffee endeavor, but again, no drive thru.

Sure, I’d love to go in and sit down and enjoy my drink. Did I mention that baby? Because you know how when you’re at the coffee shop or Target or the grocery store and there’s a baby screaming like she’s being tortured? That’s MY baby. Even if you’re in Texas, it’s actually my baby – you can hear her all the way from Wisconsin. Last time I had a coffee date she alternating screaming with doing alligator-style flips on my lap while trying to get down to crawl around on the floor. The coffee date before that we happened to be in a side room, so I finally just put her down and let her go.

But that’s not ideal, is it? Letting your baby crawl around on a coffee shop floor? Good thing she’s the third baby. Let’s just pretend the fuzz ball she just ate is fiber.

Even just running in for the coffee isn’t the easiest. Zoey and I aren’t at our best at 8 am. She’s probably going to scream to get down, and I’m leery of wrestling my baby whilst holding an uber hot coffee or coffee-like drink. If you don’t believe a baby can be stronger than a grown up, you are welcome to try changing her diaper. Any time. Any time at all.

It’s probably for the best. I probably save a lot of money. Right? I’m sure I’m not missing anything really good (*ahem* salted caramel mocha).

Just us? Alright, then.


So. I keep thinking about Buddy the Elf, and his “Smiling is my favorite!” And how whenever I say something is my favorite, I hear it that way in my head. Do you have phrases like that?

Captain America (I’m leaving the name I guess – FYI if you’re new – he’s my husband!) was just saying the other day how he can’t hear “Alright stop” without “collaborate and listen.” Shout out to the Vanilla Ice fans! I have to say, I can’t do it either. And then sometimes we just break into Ice, Ice, Baby and our children get confused.

What about “marriage?” Do you then flip it to “Mawwage. Mawwage is wot bwings us togevah today…” Please tell me you know that’s from the Princess Bride. And if you don’t, stop what you are doing and go buy it. Do not rent it – you’ll want to own it.

“Brrrr…” becomes “I said BRRRRRR…it’s cold in here…there must be some Toros in the atmosphere!” (Bring it On).

Another of Captain America’s favorites is any time the girls say “Mama?” he says, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.”

I know I’m blanking on many, many more. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the number of times in a week where a line from friends sneaks into my head, and possibly my conversation.

Does this happen to you? Is it just us?