32 Flavors – Part I


So in honor of the shiny new blog, I was thinking 32 random things about me could be fun. Isn’t it fun how blogging is all about ME? Well. Anyway. I think I’ll still do it. Although in two parts. Because that’s an awful lot of ME at one time.

  1. When I was a very small girl, my favorite sweatshirt said, “Anything boys can do, girls can do better.” That sort of says a thing or two about where I’m coming from, no?
  2. I don’t want a dog. It’s not entirely true. I want to have a dog, but I don’t want dog maintenance. No fur, no feeding, no barking, no letting out in the middle of the night, no chewing furniture/toys/garbage, no poop. Let me know if you come across this dog at your humane society.
  3. Coffee makes my stomach hurt.
  4. I like Coke Zero better than Diet Coke. But I love them both. And barely tolerate Diet Pepsi as a last resort. (Did you know the Husband and I met over a glass of Diet Pepsi?)
  5. I love all things pumpkin. Clarification: I love all things pumpkin without nuts.
  6. Fall is my very favorite season. It is crisp and clear and beautiful and cozy.
  7. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Friends and family and food and games and pie (see #5) and a chance to reflect on a whole heap of blessings that God has been lavishing.
  8. I drive a minivan. And I don’t even care anymore.
  9. I am 33, so as my pastor/friend Travis pointed out, it’s my crucifixion year (as in, same year of age Jesus was when crucified). Strangely enough, my next birthday will be on Easter.
  10. I agree with my friend Jersey. I don’t like having my picture taken. Unless, of course, it might be a good picture – and then snap away! Honestly, I’d like to have some sort of senior picture like photo shoot. But I feel that would be silly. Unless you don’t…
  11. My current favorite chocolate is Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares with Sea Salt Caramel.
  12. My all-time favorite tv show is Friends.
  13. My current favorite tv shows are Parenthood and Modern Family.
  14. Singing children make me cry. Elementary school programs, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School – children en masse singing makes me teary. Even more strange, I don’t have to know the children.
  15. If I don’t have time to really choose music to listen to, my default album is Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City. But I have a stalker-like affection for Jars of Clay and Sara Groves. I actually yanked my girls out of school so I could drive 5 1/2 hours to go to a Sara Groves concert. The first time I met her I cried so badly I’m surprised there wasn’t a restraining order keeping me from the next concert.
  16. In high school I had a strange fascination with James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Jim Morrison. My favorite movie during that time was Splendor in the Grass with Natalie Wood (incidentally, it was one of Warren Beatty’s first movies).

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