32 Flavors – Part II



You’re still here! I knew that cliff-hanger would get you. It wasn’t a cliff-hanger. Thanks for coming back for more ME. I promise, it’s almost over.

Hm. How do you suppose I make the number lister start at 17? Let’s just pretend, mkay?

  1. The comments I hear most when out with my three children are: “THREE girls??” and “Poor daddy (with the optional tag of ‘I’ll bet he wanted a boy’ or ‘boy, is he outnumbered!)” and “Where’s the red hair?” and “You’ve sure got your hands full!”/”You must be busy!”
  2. My favorite book to read to my babies is Guess How Much I Love You.  I guarantee by the time I get to the end I have a lump in my throat when I read the line “I love you to the moon and back.”
  3. I love to sing. A lot. At home, in the car, in front of people – I don’t really care.
  4. I feel like Pinterest is the best thing that’s happened to the internet since the internet. It has my heart.
  5. In high school I had over 75 pairs of shoes. A couple of guys in my Physics class started to call me Shoes. Which I hated with a white hot fury. Had they chosen “Imelda” or something with some creativity, I don’t think I would have cared a bit.
  6. Yes. I read the Twilight books. And I may or may not be reading them again in preparation for Breaking Dawn Part I. What of it?
  7. I have always wanted to live in a river town.
  8. My favorite ice cream topping at home is hot cocoa powder.
  9. When I was in 5th grade we had to draw a picture of our favorite place, and I drew a picture of a mall. Southdale, in Edina, MN to be exact.
  10. I am the kind of geek who went to French camp. Twice. Almost three times (darn you, Mononucleosis!!). And I loved it.
  11. When I went to French camp, Chelsea Clinton had just finished camp at the German camp down the road that weekend.
  12. I knew the Husband (Captain America? Oh I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW.) had the engagement ring before he proposed. I went through several dates being So Sure This Was IT! When he did propose, I had no clue. He managed to completely surprise me.
  13. I am also the kind of geek who really loves to visit historical places.
  14. I am currently reading the Bible in 90 days. Roughly. I’ve never read the entire thing, and felt like I wanted to do it all in order and in less than a year (too easy to quit). The Old Testament was rough for me. But I have to say, I have a much better appreciation for the need for Jesus. Some crazy, crazy things went down in the Old Testament.
  15. Since my family owned a newspaper, I have been a Mac girl my whole life. I have never owned a PC.
  16. I don’t camp. Roughing it is a Super 8. But I sort of wish I camped so our girls would grow up with some camping memories. But again, that would require camping.

There you have it – 32 random things about me (since I’ve been helping Ella with homework I’m reasonably sure 16+16 is 32 – but now she’s into scalene triangles and I think that’s where she’ll lose me). It’s been therapeutic just to write again, and I’m looking forward to more of it. So much so, I’d even take requests.


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  1. You started your blog on a weekend? Bygones. I enjoyed learning 2 new things about you. I will not tell you which two they were.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog at mommywhateverlogues. So glad you are going to continue to write. I love the 32 things about you. Very entertaining, and aside for your dislike of Diet Pepsi, we have much in common!! lol. I’ll come back and read more!

  3. I LOVE the new blog! Though, I have to say, The Mommylogues was my FAVORITE blog name ever. Copywrite infringement – poo. Please continue to call him Captain America. I have always loved that. I can’t get through Guess How Much I Love You without SOBBING. And yes, I too cry when children sing. I just made pumpkin bread (tracked down some of that elusive pumpkin). Just thought I’d make you jealous. Happy, happy that you’re back to blogging again.

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