Fall is my favorite.


Disclosure: When I say anything is my favorite, I now hear it in a Buddy the Elf voice – “Smiling is my favorite!”

I have made no secret of this, but Fall is my favorite. Gone is the oppressive humidity of summer. Kids are back in school. The trees are on fire with Fall color. Some days it’s just about more than my little heart can handle. And this week? Well it’s just about the best ever. The temps start in the 50s, but are in the 70s/80s by the end of the school day. Everything looks crisp. We’ve had nothing but sunshine. Leaves are really kicking it into high gear.

I celebrated with some pumpkin banana bread. I am, apparently, the only one in my house who eats it. I haven’t decided if it’s a good or bad thing. Probably both.

I’m sure it’s all magnified from the rotten week last week. Both the Husband and the Baby had fevers all week. The Baby even ended up with an ear infection. It was not good times. I had a busier work week and much less time to fit it all in. I felt like I ignored my older two girls and told them to fend for themselves. But now Zoey has slept through the night again for a couple of nights, everyone’s back on schedule, and the weather makes me want to sing showtunes. I’m thinking probably something from Sound of Music. Or, perhaps, Seasons of Love from Rent.

As if Fall in all her glory weren’t enough, everyone has busted out the pumpkin. I’ve had a couple pumpkin lattes. And today my friends at Dairy Queen let me know the pumpkin pie blizzard is in. Complete with a buy one get one coupon. Really? I guess. If you insist. I mean, it’s only my favorite.

I feel like there’s something really special about Fall. Winter’s no good. It is cold. It is icy. It is snowy. It lasts forever. I wear boots everywhere all the time. Not cute, happening boots. Wintery, trudge through snow and sludge boots. And everyone has to bundle up to their eyeballs to even run to Target. The Spring is always welcome since we have such gross winters. But Spring is soggy. And Winter keeps sneaking back in on occasion. And you kind of just want it to get to Summer. Then Summer comes, and it’s HOT. And humid. And full of bugs. And after a while, the kids have been out of school for too long. And then Fall comes. Not only is it fabulous, but I just want it to linger. Every day feels like a gift because it’s not Winter yet. Every day you can get by on a sweatshirt in the morning feels like a victory.

In short, I would like to order 30 more weeks like this one.


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