Random Tuesday Thoughts – I carnival now!


I always enjoy seeing what Gretchen has to say on Tuesdays. So I’m going to give Random Tuesday Thoughts a whirl. I’m blog carnival-ing. I’m a blog carnivaler. Here at the shiny new blog I have two categories for my posts so far: “Seasons” and “Random.” Seems like this whole RTT thing will fit in nicely. I am nothing, if not random.

  • I’m somewhere in the middle on Steve Jobs’ death last week. I’ve seen people deifying him, and people complaining that we should stop deifying him. Cancer is a truly awful thing, and I think it’s sad when anyone experiences and especially dies from it. Plus, I grew up with Apple computers. I have never owned a PC. So I say, thank you, Steve, for the lifetime of really cool technology I have enjoyed.
  • Just when I get used to Zoey’s sleep patterns, they change. We had just gotten the hang of a mid-day, super long nap. Now the nap seems to be shortening. Do we go back to two? Move it earlier? Is she just quitting? Why does she get up a little earlier in the morning now? Crazy babies.
  • I attempted swirled nail polish I found on Pinterest. I must have done something horribly wrong, because it just made a huge mess, and now I have nail polish stuck under my nails.
  • We went to the apple orchard on Saturday morning and it was fantastic! Beautiful fall foliage all the way, corn maze, barn animals, pedal tractors, apple sampling – it was a great time. And we came home with caramel apples. Why don’t I buy them all the time? Or thank goodness I don’t because I’d weigh a zillion pounds. It was a super thick coating of very chewy caramel. I was in caramel heaven. I ignored my screaming baby because I would not put it down. I wonder if I should go back. I wonder if they have them at the candy shop in town. Oh, and the caramel apple sundae at McDonald’s? That will surely do in a pinch – it was better than I expected.
  • Friday night we wandered into our modestly sized Barnes and Noble and saw Alton Brown from the Food Network. This is not a regular occurrence, we don’t usually have celebrity authors in our midst. I don’t think we have since we moved here a couple years ago. So it was a very fun start the weekend. I really want to know where he ate when he was here, and what he thought. Here’s my new friend Alton and me:

  • I think it’s crazy that we’re in peak Fall Color form, and yet my rose bushes continue to bloom like crazy. I feel like it says less about our gardening skills, and more about the fine people who lived here before us. Captain America gave them a good prune in the spring, but we really haven’t touched them since. One of them is particularly beautiful, because the roses seem to be in little clustered bouquets. I’d take a picture but it’s dark now. It’s always dark now.

So there you have it. Some Random Tuesday Thoughts. If you like random as much as I do, Stacy’s got a whole linky list of it back at her place. Just don’t expect me to contain my random in only one day a week.


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  1. I am one who was very emotional over Jobs’ passing, but I think it’s because he was such an innovator and his loss feels tangible as a result. Also, my papa lost the battle to pancreatic cancer and I know first-hand how terrible his pain was toward the end. Cancer is insidious!

    (Re: Pippi — yes! One of those girls needs a Pippi costume stat. She cures all ailments, you know.)

  2. Excellent randoming! I’m sad about Steve Jobs and I don’t even own a Mac. Though I do LOVE my iPhone. I seem him as a person who overcame adversity throughout his life, and never let it get him down, he just kept reinventing. And it’s sad to think of how much more he could have done with a little more time on this earth. I am afraid of Pinterest. I fear that I would become totally obsessed with it, and that’s the last thing I need. Alas, maybe I will give it a try…

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