RTT: Pseudo food, road trippin’, all cut short by not enough nap.


Soooo…it’s Tuesday again. SHOOT! I have written at least 4 posts in my head since last Tuesday. Here’s to hoping this week I get them as far as the computer. It really isn’t my intention to make this a Random Tuesday blog. At least for now, here are some random thoughts to tide me over:

  • The McRib is back! I’m well aware of how gross it probably is in real life. I mean, meat doesn’t come in that shape. But good gracious, it’s delicious. A few days ago I was picking up dinner for the girls (they weren’t interested in what we were having, and it was a sort of “way to go on swimming lessons” treat), and I spied the McRib in the center of the menu. I stopped cold, mid-order. “I’m sorry…I just noticed the McRib…” It took everything in me to stick to the dinner plan I already had.
  • I’m loading up all the chicklettes this week and heading to see all the grandmas & grandpas. This will be the first trip of any length with Zoey out of her carrier car seat. Captain America has to keep the wheels of capitalism turning, so I’m attempting a solo parent trip. Seemed like a great idea when I was just thinking of being there, not GETTING THERE. I mean, how the stink am I supposed to go to the bathroom? It’ll take us over 5 hours. I’m going to have to go at some point.
  • I’m fairly certain I spend 75% of my day picking up food bits off the floor.
  • I don’t consider myself to be much of a cook. The crockpot is my friend. Yesterday I made Chicken Stroganoff and it was delightful. My favorite crockpot recipes are the ones where I spend 5 minutes or less preparing it, and then whenever I want dinner it’s ready. All those recipes that require browning the meat before I put them in? I skip those. If I had time to brown meat, I’d just make dinner. That’s the point of the crockpot.
  • We haven’t carved pumpkins. And now we’re going to be gone. I have a feeling there will be no pumpkins carved this year.
  • Why do you suppose my baby is up a good hour early from her nap? Let’s hope she’s stockpiling sleep time for the car tomorrow.

More random at Stacy’s.


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