Apparently my style icons are 11.


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted purple or blue hair. Some super dark, extremely unnatural color. But I always thought it just didn’t fit my life, so it wasn’t going to happen. Recently I started seeing the rainbow hairstyles of having many colors mixed in, and the want resurfaced. And finally I decided, what about rainbow hair doesn’t fit my life? I am either in my house, or my car in line at school, or Target, or church. It’s not like I am a high-powered CEO of a giant corporation. The people I work with are just on email anyway. No one sees me. Why the heck not?

Oddly enough, I was taking my inspiration from this Lauren Conrad shot. I am madly in love with the ombre dyed tips.

So, hooray! I felt brave! I felt invincible! I felt alive! I went to my stylist, and said, “I’d really like to get rainbow hair…”

“Oh, that is fun! But your hair won’t REALLY do that.” Turns out there’s a reason I haven’t seen red heads with rainbow hair. First the parts to be rainbowed would have to be bleached. I had sort of assumed that. Then the bleached parts would be dyed. And it’d be super fun. For a week or two. She said the bright colors fade pretty fast. So unless I wanted to commit to really frequent dying and bleaching, it wasn’t really going to happen. Unless I was thinking of cutting a lot of length, and wanted to rainbow dye it first. Since it’s the bright rainbow colors that I really want, I decided this basically means it’s out for me.

So I did the next best thing and got trendy feathers. I just have two. But one is teal and black! I was so excited! Feathers! How fun and funky!

Do you know who else has feathers? Every 10-12 year old girl I’ve come in to contact with since. They’re everywhere. “I have a feather, too!” they tell me. “Hey, Ella’s Mom! I have a feather!” A checkout lady recently said to me, “Oh, I like your feather. My niece loves hers…she’s 11.” Not snotty. Just matter of fact.

Only I really don’t care. Because it’s fun. And it’s different for me. It’s a departure from the usual. And it’s lasted longer than 2 weeks – mine have been in for over a month.

So bring it on, 11 year olds! Can’t wait to see what we’re doing next!


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  1. Good for you Sarah! Abby’s feathers are long overdue to be “reset” – I gather they are clipped into your hair and need to be adjusted when your hair gets longer? Anyway, she is 11 🙂

  2. This is so funny because I’ve been having similar longings recently. I know, that’s a big surprise, you and I thinking alike. I haven’t been after rainbow hair and I’m not so into the feathers (on ME, I’m sure they look great on you!) but I have been considering a colored extension and I recently painted my fingernails black. That was a leap for me. I’m not into the maintenance of painted nails and black has always been too gothic. But I saw it on another mom and I liked it. So, now I’ve been experimenting with unusual polish colors. Totally living on the edge you know. And I haven’t done the extension yet because……get this….the only people that I know that have them are in elementary school. But now you are inspiring me to be okay with it anyway!!!! Woot!!!!

    • Who cares! If you want it, put it in your hair! I got my feathers at a lovely kiosk at the Mall of America. Later my hair stylist said they’re some of the nicest she’s seen. Hooray! Have you tried the crackle polish? You can just put it over polish you already have and it’s really fun.

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