All Hallow’s Eve



Today I am thankful for my dad. I am thankful for both of my parents, but it’s my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! I don’t think you read my blog – but still – I hope this counts for something! Thank you for knowing the answer to everything, all the time. (I’m actually not being facetious. He knows everything.)


Ella got all excited on Sunday. “It’s Halloween Eve!” I didn’t have the energy to get into how Halloween is actually an Eve in the first place.

Why, you ask? I’d spent the entire day finishing Halloween costumes after a 5 hour, solo parent drive the day before. The costumes didn’t take all day. But at some point in the morning I remembered I was in charge of decorated brownies for Natalie’s class party the next day. Decorated brownies. Does that just mean brownies with orange frosting or some sprinkles? I don’t know! So I hopped on Pinterest for some Pinspiration. I ran to the store for supplies. We ended up with orange pumpkins, green Frankensteins and purple monsters. Pinterest saves the day! I even made my own frostings. Except for the wretched black decorating gel that I thought would be so very cool, but NEVER EVER SET. Does gel always never set? Doesn’t matter. I won’t use it again.

I don’t think I ever sat down on Sunday. Because from 3-5 we let the girls beg for candy with all the other kids at the mall. I like to pack as much Halloween fun in as possible, because we’ve got the costumes.

Monday I visited both girls’ classrooms. There’s a mighty big social difference between first and third grade. I’ll take the first graders, thank you. And there are some changes starting to happen in those third grade costumes. The bunnies & puppies are fewer & farther between. There’s a lot more ghoulishness. And some outfits I’m just not ready to put my baby girl in. I have a feeling we’re on the brink of some lively costume discussions in the next couple of years.

Monday evening, Captain America took the older girls on a whirlwind tour of town. They had to come back in the middle for a new bag after Natalie’s broke from the weight. Meanwhile, I handed out candy to kids who were on the verge of being to old to trick or treat. Honestly, I don’t care if you’re 18 and put on a thoughtful or purchased costume, and are polite. If you’re 14 and going to stand there in your regular clothes while you shove a bag in my face, I’m not a fan. I mean, I’ll still give you a LITTLE candy because I’m not THAT much of a curmudgeon. But you won’t get as much. Take that!

Am I the only one who uses a sliding candy scale? Generally the younger the trick or treater, the more thoughtful the costume, the more candy.

Unless you come between 6:45 and 8. By then I have started to panic at all the candy I have left, and I am shoveling it in the bags. I cannot possibly grab enough candy. Which was lucky for the pack of 6 or so teen girls who possibly drove their own car to my street for trick or treating. But they were in costume. Incredibly polite. More candy for you!

Overall I was extremely impressed with how polite everybody was. There were only a couple of kids who didn’t say thank you. And half of them had a parent behind gently reminding them (took us forever to get Natalie to break out of the shyness enough to say thank you to people). And there were a lot of cute costumes. I am surprised how much I like Halloween. It’s just so fun to see all the parents walking little kids around on the street. So Norman Rockwell-y.



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