Sweaters and crockpots


First thing’s first.

Today I am thankful for my crockpot. Because I like taking 5 minutes to toss some things in, and having dinner ready at a flexible time.


It’s definitely getting chilly here in Wisconsin. Come March, this would be a tropical heatwave. But right now it feels like it’s time to pull out warmer sweaters. Time to buy new shearling boots. Maybe even a down coat. Because we could have a few more weeks like this, or we could wake up tomorrow in a snowstorm. Welcome to late Fall in the Midwest. Some of the trees are clinging to their last bit of color, and some have given up so we can see the shape and color of the rock in the river bluffs. That’s one thing I will never get tired of here – the bluffs. Even in the dead of winter, they’re pretty.

It’s always nice to pull out the totes of sweaters and see the Old Friends. We have such a bitter parting in the Spring, when I am so sick of wearing sweaters I could cry. Or, sometimes, I have actually cried. As I first start to get cold in the Fall, they seem to welcome and cozy. But by Spring I don’t want to see them ever again. I’m tired of thick sweaters. I’m tired of putting a down coat over my wool sweater. I’m tired of putting Smartwool bedecked feet into shearling lined boots. I’m really tired of bundling up three children.

But not now. Now it all just seems cozy. Just throw on those boots with no socks. Wear a sweater coat to pick up the kids from school instead of an actual coat. Have another cup of tea. Even though I’ve burnt my tongue so many times this week I should probably just suck on an ice cube. Throw something in the crockpot. Watch a tv show under a blanket, or read a book snuggled up in bed. If it would stay like this for 6 more months, I would be so happy. But I know better. The Cold is coming.


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