The “S” word. And I don’t mean “stupid.”


Today I left the house in a sweater again. That was plenty. When I picked the girls up from school they didn’t even bother with sweatshirts. Their jackets from the morning were shoved into their backpacks.

Tomorrow night? WINTER STORM WATCH. Oh, Midwestern Weather. You are fickle.

So, you know what a Winter Storm Watch means, right? Me, too. I’m not really ready for it. But I am determined this year to sweep myself up in Holiday Excitement. The moment I see the S word, I’m listening to Christmas music. I’m throwing my usual Post-Thanksgiving rule out the window, because I feel like a month just isn’t quite enough. And I feel like Christmas music could make the S stuff a little more bearable. Time to start warming up that Swingin’ Christmas Pandora station!

We’re getting excited for Thanksgiving around here. We’ve started a thankful fishbowl. We’re tossing in slips of paper with things we’re thankful for, and we’ll read them after Thanksgiving. Or before. We’re winging it. I won’t let Thanksgiving get glossed over, but December gets a little crazy. There just isn’t time to watch all the Christmas movies a girl needs to watch.

In any case, that’s how I’m going to get through this. The first go around of icy precipitation. Holiday Excitement! More pumpkin! Do you think they have pumpkin cheese? Being from Wisconsin, I am in charge of bringing some cheese to the Thanksgiving Feast. I will distract myself with finding pumpkin cheese.


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