Thanksgiving: Part 1


We hit the road for Thanksgiving. It’s what we do. Thanksgiving is a big deal. Captain America took several days off, and we loaded up the van.

Our first stop was the Twin Cities. It’s about the halfway mark, and we thought it would be Fun! to stay in a hotel and take the girls to the Mall of America the next day.

Zoey did not agree.

I’m remembering the drive as being fine, but there’s a string of emails to my sister that tell the truth. Zoey was fussing. Natalie felt sick. Ella was coughing. We were all hungry. My baby, who generally sleeps from 8 pm to 7 or 7:30 am, had a little late evening nap in the car. Of maybe a half hour. We got to the hotel, got everyone set up, and said GO TO BED. Which Zoey finally did around 11. And then she got up around 1:30. Finally back to sleep around 2. Then she was up FOR THE DAY. FOR THE DAY. AT 3 AM. Around 4 am, I finally took her out to the lobby so at least the rest of the family could sleep. While I thought about scrapping the whole trip and going home. Meanwhile, Zoey wandered around, smiling, laughing, playing peekaboo behind a couch. While I researched area Urgent Cares to have her checked for an ear infection because WHO THE STINK IS THIS BABY??

After having breakfast at 6 am, taking Natalie for breakfast with Zoey at 7, I was ready to throw in the towel. But Ella and Natalie were so excited about the Mall of America. So excited. I told them I didn’t think we could go, because we hadn’t slept. I didn’t say it to them, but I really thought we should go home. Because I had slept for maybe 3 hours. And I couldn’t bear the idea of four more nights of not sleeping in our own beds.

Sometime around 7:30 or 8, Captain America got up. Fresh as a daisy. Sure! We can go to the Mall! I felt encouraged by his enthusiasm. Who needs sleep!?

What I have failed to mention is why the girls wanted to go to the Mall so badly. This thing. Yeah. The Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank Ropes Adventure Course. Which they somehow got me to agree to taking them on. Me. Me who gets nauseous when other people I don’t even know approach some kind of edge or cliff. Me. Me whose stomach turns when I watch my kids go down a fire pole. That mom. With the intense fear of heights. On 3 hours of sleep. Harness me up! Let’s go!

From the Nickelodeon Universe website: “The Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank Ropes and Adventure Course is the tallest Sky Trail® ropes course in the world, challenging guests to climb 56 feet above Nickelodeon Universe.”


Well, guess what?

There? In the middle? THAT’S ME.

I totally did it. Should get me “Best Mom Ever” points until…well…forever.


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