RTT: Followup has never been my gift.


Hooray for Random Tuesdays!

  • Thanks to Pinterest, I happened upon this laundry soap recipe. What has surprised me most is that I think it might be outperforming my store-purchased detergent. I bet I’ll make it again. But not for a long time, because so little is required that it’s going to last forever. It’s supposed to work in HE washers as well, because of the low suds. I don’t know, because I have an old fashioned, not HE washer. That works just fine. I’ve even noticed my washer looks cleaner than it did with my old detergent. Win!
  • Sending children off to school is fascinating. My girls have this whole other life that I know nothing about. They see each other at lunch, and on the playground. They have mutual friends. It cracks me up to here them talk about it like little grown ups, or at least teenagers. The other day we saw someone driving their Christmas tree home. Ella says, “I think it’s a Balsam. It has a bowl shaped bottom, and the needles are close together.” HUH. No idea she’d been learning about various fir trees.
  • There’s a slight possibility we will not have a white Christmas. In WISCONSIN. Fine by me. It’s a rarity to not have a white Christmas in the upper midwest. The small amount of snow we had has been rained out. In December. IN WISCONSIN. I figure there’s plenty of time for snow later. My children are pining for it, but they have forgotten how sick of winter coats they were by last March. I have not. Besides, it would make my annual watching of White Christmas that much more special.
  • I made pancakes for the first time last week. I just used a box mix because I wanted to see if I could navigate the griddle. If I’d known it was that easy, I’d have made pancakes so many times by now that my family would be sick of them. You know what’s funny? I’d never really made pancakes, but I’ve made crepes. Complete with flipping them in the pan. I actually did a demonstration on it in my Spanish class in high school. Because we had to demonstrate something in Spanish. So I made French crepes. Which I described making in Spanish. Confused? French wasn’t a language option at my school, and I was bitter. Some things just make sense when you’re 16.
  • We had a successful babysitter experience on Saturday! What with Zoey’s deep separation issues, I was doubtful it would be possible. But she’d gotten to know the sitter through some church things, and she did great. I feel like there’s hope in the world. You know, not without this particular girl, because last Sunday she got kicked out of the nursery at church (by which I just mean she wouldn’t stop crying, so they brought her to us). But next time she’s over I plan to just lock her in my basement. Problem solved!

Stacy’s always got more random if you’re interested.


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  1. All this talk about snow made me knock wood for you. Surely, Mother Nature will get back at you for WANTING snow by making your January/February a misery. I am very intrigued by the laundry soap. Maybe next years teacher gifts! That was a joke. And btw, if you want the pancake thing to be even EASIER, buy the Bisquick mix in the little plastic jug. You just add water, shake it up, and pour the batter. SO easy.

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