First day of Christmas break: A diary


8 am: I think about crawling out of bed. Older two sound like they’re playing downstairs. Baby is jabbering to herself in her room. Captain America is off at work.

8:30 am: I actually get out of bed after exhausting my iPhone options. Set the kids up with breakfast and get ready for a shower. This is so nice! Hooray for not having to be anywhere!

9:15 am: I’ve showered, kids are playing.

9:45 am: “I HAD IT FIRST!” “I NEED IT!” “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”  {high pitched, wordless scream} Which brings me to the kitchen. I find my EIGHT and SIX year olds in a wrestling match over a doll stroller. I strongly encourage the necessary apologies and a settlement is reached. Mandatory separation decreed. Eight year old mopes off to her room, ever the martyr. Six year old chippers up and decides to play dolls alone.

10 am: Baby starts screaming. Six year old cries because baby is giving her a headache, but she refuses to be anywhere else because she doesn’t want to be alone. Also the first “I’m bored” of break. “Find something to do, or I will find you some chores,” says Mean Mom. She finds something to play, but mostly grunts and groans over the loudness of the baby. “Play somewhere else, then,” says Mean Mom. “I don’t want to be alone…”

10:40 am: Eight and Six year olds are begging to play together again. Baby has finally stopped screaming.

11 am: Crafting! And baby’s almost ready for a nap!

11:30 am: Baby is napping! Older girls are playing some form of pretend. It involves a lot of “Pretend he said ______.” “Pretend she did _______” “Pretend they didn’t want her there.” “Pretend you saw I was asleep.” Etc, etc.

12:05 pm: Lunch. Shoot! Lunch! Kids eating at home today – I hope we have something to eat, because the baby’s sleeping so we’re not going anywhere.

1:15 pm: Ate lunch and watched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. I love that movie. (Side note: may never make cheese ravioli again – so blah.) Girls are back to crafting. Baby’s still napping.

1:30 pm: More crafting!

2:30 pm: Baby is up.

3:00 pm: Kicked older girls outside because an inch of snow fell. It’s enough to sled! Trust me! Off you go! Goodbye, then! I took the opportunity to do the wrapping I should have done weeks ago. Ignored fighting outside.

4:30 pm: Let kids back inside. Made the requisite hot chocolate. Preheated oven for snickerdoodles.

5 pm: Finally starting snickerdoodles and anxiously awaiting Captain America’s arrival…


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