Dear Time, Please slow down.


Zoey’s been working on teeth lately. Isn’t that fun? She’s fussy. She either outeats her sisters or doesn’t eat at all. She’s all about her “bot” (bottle). Unfortunately, it means she’s also a bit of a restless sleeper. And unfortunately for me, since Captain America has to face people in an office and bring home most of the bacon (not all. most.), I usually get night duty. If it seems like it’s just a quick nuk recovery mission, he’ll go. But anything that seems indefinite is mine.

Last night Zoey randomly woke up around 11. She didn’t want a bottle. She didn’t want a nuk. She didn’t want to be in her crib. Frankly, she was a mystery. So I thought to myself, “Rocking my sweet baby in the middle of the night is sure to be gone before I know it. I must live in this moment and soak it up.” After all, I seem to have blinked and now have a pre-pre-teen in my house. I decided to just rock with her a bit and snuggle.

Zoey disagreed. While she was more content sitting with me than anything else, she was not about the snuggling. She put her hands on my chest and refused to bend her elbows, wanting nothing whatsoever to do with putting her head down. This alone wouldn’t have traumatized me. But this past Sunday she’d spent something like a half hour or more snuggled up on Uncle Dan. WHAT? Yeah. Head buried in his shoulder. For so long I worried she was sick. Honestly, I kept getting up to check on her. I checked her for a fever. It should also be noted, Uncle Dan isn’t even a technical Uncle, he’s adopted (by us as an uncle, not by his family. I mean, not that I know of.). Also, it was the middle of the afternoon then. Not even a dark, sleepy, snuggly time. Not like when you wake up in the middle of the night and no one else is up and all the lights are off. No, she was all cuddly with Uncle Dan in the middle of a bright room, surrounded by people and a football game.

I’m not bitter.

Not really.

I mean, the week before it was snuggling with Grandma. But at least that’s a Grandma. I suppose I’m just not that exciting. I’m here all the time. ALL THE TIME.

It’s a good thing I get a lot of other wonderful moments. Listening to her belly laugh while playing peekaboo with her sisters. Being the one she runs to when she gets hurt. Seeing the new developments and tricks. Still getting plenty of kisses. And hopefully, I’ll get another good snuggle in sometime before college.


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