RTT: Why is it a “sleep”over?


Time for some more random thoughts. My favorite!

  • Ella went to her first sleepover on Saturday night. I am still recovering. Guess whose daughter won the “stay up all night contest?” The contest that maybe only 3 girls knew existed? I suspect she really did sleep, and didn’t just lay in her sleeping bag for 7 hours. But it wasn’t a lot of sleeping. And it led to a 2-3 hour nap Sunday. The reason I may swear them off is last night, an hour after she should have been asleep, she came out of her room crying. “Mama? Don’t worry about this. It’s nothing you need to worry about. But I feel really bad that you didn’t get your ornament this year.” Now? Now you feel bad about it? Two weeks past Christmas? Months after you chose to order a sketchbook with your artwork on the cover instead of an ornament? Yeah. No more sleepovers.
  • Another amusing sleepover note: They were getting ready to watch a movie Ella hadn’t seen before. Ella asked the mother, “Is it kid appropriate?” I LOVE that about her. I mean, of course it was, but I love that she wanted to make sure, instead of claiming ignorance like I would have. Plus, it’s just cute.
  • Natalie loves musicals. While Ella was napping on Sunday, Natalie and I watched Annie. Not the Disney remake, the good old Carol Burnett version. Beloved from my childhood. Which I now watch with my daughters and cringe at all the moments that I’m not sure are “kid appropriate.” Oh well. I hadn’t remembered any of that. Point is, Natalie’s favorite parts are the large group numbers. Which I love about her. And I still love that movie.
  • It’s very close to mid-January, and I’ve been sending the older girls out to play in sweatshirts. Multiple times. There’s no snow. Temps are often in the 40s, even low 50s. I don’t ever remember a winter like this. I remember a lot of Januarys where I wouldn’t have sent them out even bundled up to their noses, because it was just too cold. Global Warming, I call you friend. I mean, not really. But a little bit.
  • Zoey has started having conversations. Not with real words. But she’ll unleash a long string of gibberish and then look at me like, “Wouldn’t you agree, Mother?”
  • At one point last week I started digging through the wet stinky garbage looking for Natalie’s homework because I thought I accidentally threw it. Only to remember she didn’t have any. Later that night I sat in a recliner and put my feet up. I was going to check on something, so I put the foot rest down but didn’t move yet (probably because I was watching Chopped, and HOW DOES IT HOOK YOU LIKE THAT?). When I really went to get up, I tried to put the foot rest down again. The foot rest that was already down. These are signs that Mama needs a break. Or a glass of wine. Or both. Or maybe even a vacation. Also, I don’t even remember eating that bag of chocolates, but I think I must have.

Another week of Random Tuesday said and done. Head over to Stacy’s for more.


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  1. I love that Ella’s making sure the movie is appropriate. Such a good girl! Have you HOSTED a sleepover yet? That’s an experience, I assure you. I identify – this Mama needs a vacation too.

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