Nerd alert!


Last week Ella came home with a new Scholastic book order. We all get a little excited about those in this house. We’re book junkies. So I started paging through it, to see what we should get. Ella didn’t seem very interested. Weird. Ah, yes. It was history themed. I started looking at the books. Ooo…that looks good… Gosh…I’d like to read that one…  Oh, it’d be cool if she learned about that… A whole section on the Holocaust…huh…well, I might like to read those, but I don’t think my Ella is quite ready (It took her a very long time to get over reading The Hatchet this year. So very much anxiety after that book.)

So I said, “Ella, what do you think? What looks good?”

“I don’t know. It’s a bunch of boring NON-FICTION. Except for the world record book!”

Break my heart why don’t you? Maybe someday. Maybe a different child.

* * * * *

Today? Today I am super sucked into a two hour Titanic documentary on the History Channel. I won’t watch any documentary, but I WILL watch any documentary on Titanic, the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War. As a matter of fact, I’m not going to be able to finish it so I’m going to record it. So there you have it. Nerd alert. It’s me!


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  1. Ah! Jude brought home his Scholastic order form too! And I ordered him a book about the Titanic! I need to look for that documentary, he’s kind of obsessed with the Titanic, and now this cruise ship in Italy that sank is sort of freaking him out. Yikes, I hope he doesn’t develop a boat phobia!

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