RTT: It’s still Tuesday


I’m a little down to the wire here, but I’ve been busy. I finally caved and started watching Downton Abbey. Good gracious it’s good. On to some random thoughts:

  • Snow makes me feel colder. Even though the temp isn’t lower. I’m living in flannel pajamas and drinking hot tea like it’s water. Which it is. Only I like it better than water. Can you believe that today I’m even random within the random?
  • Yesterday Natalie wore a Bizu bracelet to school. And when I picked her up she was in tears and we had to go back into the school to search high and low for it. Her teacher and I encouraged her that it could always show up today, all the while exchanging knowing looks that it was history. Ella piped up immediately, offering to buy her a new one to replace it. With money she actually has. Which left us in kind of a bind. Do we let her replace it? Is that fair? Should Natalie let Ella fix all her problems? It wouldn’t be the first time – any time at all that the girls go shopping with their money, if Natalie doesn’t have enough Ella will give her money. Not lend her money. Give it. We didn’t want to squash Ella’s generous spirit, but we also wanted Natalie to learn that sometimes things get lost and that’s the end of them. Oh Parenting, you are not so simple.
  • The bracelet DID show up today. Someone had put it in another girl’s desk, thinking it was hers. Crisis averted. For now.
  • Downton Abbey is so good. Are you watching it? MY WORD. It is writing brilliance, because I was completely hooked within 10 minutes. And now I feel smart in a snooty way, because I like something on Masterpiece on PBS. I haven’t watched a PBS series with this much excitement since Armistad Maupin’s Tales of the City in high school. Ok, actually, those are probably the only PBS series I’ve watched. I mean, it all starts with Titanic. HOOKED. And I’m kind of excited to be behind (I’m on the first season), because I have a while til I get stuck without episodes.
  • Some days I feel like all I do is load and unload the dishwasher, change diapers, and nag my children. I don’t mean there are days where that’s all I do. I mean there are days where I feel like that’s my entire life. Dishes. Diapers. Are you dressed for school yet? Get dressed. I already told you to get dressed. Dishes. Brush your hair. You should have been eating 10 minutes ago. Diaper. Brush your hair. Did you brush your hair? Because it doesn’t look like you brushed your hair. Why is there marker/paint/chocolate on your hands? Didn’t you just wash them? Dishes. Wash them again. Diaper.

I’m going to call it quits on this week’s random, before I launch into a cold, cranky diatribe about being cold. Check out all the random over at Stacy’s.



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  1. I felt the same way about my day yesterday. I had to take Sprite to an open house for a new school in our district, one we’re considering sending her to, and we literally walked into the house, walked the dogs, made dinner, did dishes from the morning, left the house, came back at 8:30, repeat all of the above with the exception of dinner. Even Sprite, who will never admit to being tired, was ready for bed.

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