RTT: Are there more Tuesdays during the week than I remember?


Because it seems like it’s always time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. These may be the most random yet.

  • I have always had longer nails. I can tell it’s time for me to cut them again, because there’s a lot of extra clicking going on on the keyboard today. When I was little and took piano lessons, my teacher used to get disgusted that I couldn’t have the proper hand form because of my nails. And she didn’t like the clicking on the keys. So much so, that a couple of years ago I ran into her, and the first thing she did was grab my hand and look at my nails. “Yep. Still long.” I usually keep them around 3/16″, which means the very tips of my fingers hardly ever touch anything. And that’s what I blame my failure to learn guitar on. It hurt something awful to push those strings down with super sensitive fingertips.
  • Yes, I just measured my nails with a ruler. There have been a lot of measuring sections of math going on here lately, and it seemed so reasonable. At first I put 3/8″. And then I remembered that would be more than 1/4″, and that wasn’t right.
  • I didn’t love piano lessons, but I didn’t hate them. I think I quit and then went back at one point. And then my teacher said she’d be taking a sabbatical, so she wouldn’t be able to teach me. Only she kept teaching another girl from my class. I quit for good. I wish I wouldn’t have.
  • It’s time for my annual “Why didn’t I plan a warm vacation?!” trauma. I have it every year around this time. I thought this year might be different, since winter waited so long to show up. But it’s amazing how windchills below zero and piles of snow and ice can erase your memory. It’s as if I can’t remember a time where there wasn’t snow, ever. Even though it was just weeks ago.
  • How cold is it? We’ve had quite a few cabin feverish days here lately. There’s been a lot of snipping and snapping. Captain America keeps suggesting I go hang out at Barnes and Noble or somewhere to get out of the house. But it’s so cold I don’t want to go. Well, and also he suggests it for after the kids are in bed. I’d rather go at 5, and come HOME when they’ve gone to bed. Somedays dinner and a bedtime routine is just too much. TOO MUCH.
  • Remember last week how excited I was that I had so far to go into the Downton Abbey series? No more. I am completely caught up. Right through last Sunday’s episode. I sent my sister a lot of emails like this: “O’BRIEN!!!!” And I’d get a reply like this: “Just wait…”
  • Zoey’s newest word is “doh.” I haven’t figured out what it means yet.
  • Remember way back when I made the laundry detergent? I still like it. And I’m still working off the same batch. Even though we are a family of five, and my children seem to throw things in the dirty laundry if they even TRY THEM ON. My ice cream bucket of detergenty goodness is only half gone.

That’s enough random for today. Not that there isn’t more, but maybe if I don’t put it on my random list I’ll actually write a real post. Stacy’s got more at her place if you haven’t had enough.


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