Spin Cycle: Dream Job(s)


This week Gretchen was asking about the Perfect Job. That has definitely changed over the years for me. I have a few answers.

What I want to say: I want to say that my dream job would be as a writer. I would love to be a Real Writer. But I’ll bet there’s a lot of pressure, which isn’t something I can get really excited about. So I think mostly I’d like to be able to tell other people I was a writer, and have a large number of people read what I write. I’m not sure if this would be books or even blogs.

My dream job that I’m almost a little ashamed of: Personal shopper. I really love to shop. Especially with other people’s money. I love to find a deal, I love to find an elusive item. I like the hunt. I like the browsing. I think it’d be fun to spend my days looking for things that someone else would like. I’m sure this job has it’s downside. Like cranky people who don’t like any of the things you found. Or who get mad because you spent too much money on something.

I don’t know what this job is: This might be my actual, true dream job. But I don’t know what it would be. I would like to do something that involves finding things out on the internet. When there’s a conversation, and somebody says, “What else was [name of actor] in?” I am instantly on my phone looking for the answer. Much to the irritation of Captain America, who thinks I should put the stinking phone down. Otherwise, I’m on the computer the moment I’m home, looking up the answers to all questions that happened to come up. Verifying information. You know when you post that Facebook forward thing? I’m checking snopes. It’s false, by the way. Pretty much no matter what it was. Facebook will soon start charging. That girl who is missing. It’s false. So I don’t know the job title, but that’s what I’d be doing.

Dreamy dream job: So let’s pretend that it doesn’t have to be a job I could actually get. And that I wouldn’t have to worry about all the parts like being away from my family. I’d be a singer. I really love to sing. But I feel like this requires all kinds of things like playing an instrument and writing songs, which I don’t do. And I’m sure I’d have to be an awful lot better than I am – good grief I’ve been watching the American Idol auditions. I couldn’t hold a candle to the vast majority of girls that get through. But if we’re just pretending…

Person whose job I would most like to have: Ellen. Every show she tapes, she has an audience full of people who are crazy excited to be there. She has a staff of writers. She gets to be funny, and laid back. She interviews fascinating people. And some people who are probably hard to talk to seriously (Jersey Shore cast *ahem*). Those people you love watching on youtube? She flies them in to do her show. When things don’t go quite right, she just laughs. But here’s my favorite part: she gives away all kinds of things. Can you imagine how wonderful that feels? There’s somebody who can’t pay their rent and is going to get kicked out of their home – she gives them $10,000. Somebody who lost everything in a fire – she gives them every gift from the 12 Days of Giveaways. Somebody with a new baby whose car is falling apart – they get a new car. Heck, a whole school full of kids who don’t have their basic needs met – hundreds of thousands of dollars, AND because of the attention from the show they get donations from people all over the country, all the time. You could even take away the show part, I would just love to be making all of those people happy. It would be so amazing to go to bed at night, knowing I’d helped people who really needed it in a way other people didn’t have available to them. Now THAT. THAT would be a dream…


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  1. All excellent endeavors! I have a friend who is a costumer for tv and movies, and basically all she does is shop all day. She says that in the beginning, it was a ton of fun, but now, sadly, it has ruined shopping for her. What used to be her favorite fun activity had now become WORK. There MUST be a “look it up on the computer” job. Some kind of researcher. You should definitely look into this. I used to have a friend who worked at the public library, and his job was to look stuff up when people called their help line. I imagine that job’s obsolete now because of the internet! Ellen = love.

    You are linked!!

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