RTT: Grandmere Au Pair Collette


Nothing makes the weeks seem faster than sitting down for some Random Tuesday Thoughts and realizing it wasn’t yesterday that I just did them.

I have decided I need a French nanny. A lovely, grandmotherly woman from somewhere in French wine country, like Provence. Then we can also go visit her family and stay with them. And of course, they’ll send the occasional bottles to sample.

Reasons we need a French nanny:

  • It is making me sad to hear Zoey make sounds that are so helpful in speaking other languages (particularly French & German), and knowing that by the time she takes a language course she will have lost the ability to make those sounds. Did you know that? There are sounds that are really difficult to make in French (and other languages, I assume). Everyone is born with the ability to make them. But if you don’t use it you lose it. I don’t remember the age it’s gone by – perhaps my sister, the lover of linguistics, will pop in with an answer in the comments. It’s making me wish I remembered French, even though I wouldn’t be able to model those sounds properly. So if I had a French nanny, she could teach her those things.
  • Have you seen this article? It’s written by an American living in France. She noticed huge differences in American kids and French kids, and found out a scientific study backed her up. The French kids are more patient, and able to entertain themselves. She admits she doesn’t want to go ENTIRELY French in the raising of her kids, but says they’ve got a few things right. This is extremely interesting to me as we’ve been going through a rough patch with the older two and interrupting. I’m not completely sold, but I am certainly intrigued. I might buy the book. It makes sense when you consider how focused we Americans are on instant gratification. Of course our children would expect the same.
  • On a related note, I nearly have to applaud Zoey’s zealous efforts in perfecting the temper tantrum. The very second something doesn’t work for her, she throws herself on the floor. Sometimes she runs a little first. Sometimes she kicks. She got a small ball pit for Christmas, and sometimes she runs and throws herself in it during the tantrum. It’s really an impressive spectacle. Especially when you catch her being careful not to actually hurt herself. But she still rolls around on the floor yelling “OW!!” So the French nanny covers two issues here: 1) I am currently exhausted of Zoey by 10 am and could use a little help with her. 2) Being French, the nanny would no doubt teach Zoey to be patient.
  • So that’s just why I think the nanny should be French. Other than that, I just think it might be nice to go out to lunch sometime. As it is, Zoey sleeps through lunch every day. Sometimes I’d like to run to the library. Or the grocery store.
  • Date night. Our last dinner out, sans kids was…the beginning of December? I think? I don’t remember. That’s actually pretty recent for our usual schedule. And the last overnight away from our kids was, I believe, maybe in June of 2010? That’s pre-Zoey.

So there you have it. Plus, we could totally call her an Au Pair. I hope she is named Joie or Noelle or Collette. We could call her Grandmere Au Pair. She’d be our granny nanny. If nothing else, maybe Zoey and I need to find a Mommy & Me French camp.

Not really random, but random all the same. There’s more at Stacy’s.


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  1. OK, you’ve totally got me sold on the idea of getting a French Nanny – I sorely need one to help me corral Little Dude. Not to mention the educational benefit and language learning benefit. And patience benefit. All of it, really. Sounds like Zoey does the whole temper tantrum the way Little Dude does – just makes you wonder where they learn their technique. 🙂

  2. LOL! That’s hilarious! I heard about the whole French parenting thing and I have to say, I totally agree. When we go to France, the kids are always really well behaved (and chicly dressed). The kids here in Germany, not so much. Indy is much more like a French kid, thank goodness. We’ll have to see what happens with Han Solo.
    When Indy was a baby, we had a part time nanny from Poland. Her name was Unga. She was great with him though. My friend had a live in Swiss nanny and she taught the kids how to behave. My friend wept when her nanny got engaged.
    When James Bond leaves for the sandbox later this year, I’m thinking of getting a part time nanny again. I’ll have to look for one from France. It’s totally possible as we’re only about an hour from the French border. I’d like a Collette, or Odette. Is it wrong to look for a nanny based on her name? 🙂

  3. I don’t remember how long Zoey has with those sounds. I actually think she should have lost them by now, so enjoy.

    I saw that mommy. I don’t know. Doesn’t some of it depend on the fact that all of us have to make our children do it or none of them will?

  4. Good luck with that! And totally smart to go for the old, grandmotherly French lady as opposed to the young, hot au pair. I saw that woman who wrote the French parenting book on tv yesterday, and it sounded pretty interesting. Then it depressed me.

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