I just called to say I love you?


On Sunday I was just coming out of the bathroom when I heard my phone ring. My phone doesn’t ring on the weekend, so I was slightly alarmed. Or excited. Someone is calling! When I got to it, the caller id said it was Captain America. Who was 15 feet away. He has been known to call me in the basement before, but I won’t lie, I was a little irritated. I WAS IN THE BATHROOM. WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME???

“I’m not.”

Huh? A quick check of the Older Two  showed them phoneless. Hey…wait a minute…where’s Zoey?

We found her hiding behind a recliner, pressing buttons on daddy’s phone. She immediately got that busted look. I ended up with a voicemail that was Captain America saying, “Zoey’s over here. She’s got it. Click.”

Now. Even I can sort of see the humor in this. Zoey says a few words now. This weekend she even started saying “chin” when she points to her chin. However. She does NOT say Mama. Ever. Every baby’s first word, Zoey refuses to say. Captain America leaves for work and he gets a “Bye Daddy.” Which is more like “Bye Dahyee.” But still. She will not say Mama. Yet, somehow, she managed to CALL ME ON THE PHONE.

Basically, it was like a whole new level of “this one’s going to give us a run for our money.”



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