Spin Cycle: Honeymoons


This week Gretchen suggested Honeymoon stories. I’ve got one of those.

First, I should say that I was just a baby when we got married. I was 20, and Captain America was 21. Neither of us had a full time job yet, although Captain America had enough of a job to get us both health insurance. But we didn’t have a very exotic honeymoon budget. Which was fine, because every year my family vacationed on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and I was pretty sure I’d spend my honeymoon at Cascade Lodge‘s Cabin 11. It has a little footbridge over a creek from the parking spot. I wanted more than anything to stay in that cabin from the time I was very little. Mostly because I wanted to have to cross a bridge to get to my cabin.

Another thing about our wedding – we moved it up. We were going to get married in Duluth, MN in November in between quarters of school. BRRR. And then this job came available for Captain America (with benefits!), so in late July we decided to get married in my hometown at the end of August instead. So we had a wedding to plan in five weeks. By the time we thought of the honeymoon (and probably by the time we thought of the wedding), Cabin 11 was booked. But we decided to stay at a hotel in Grand Marais instead, which would be equally lovely.

Here’s a wrench I didn’t expect: Captain America had already committed to a fantasy football draft on the Sunday after our wedding. Since when he committed, it was just going to be a Sunday. Not the Sunday after our wedding. And I thought it’d be so sweet for us to do it together, so I’d said I’d be in the league, too. Yeah. I was young and in love.

So on a Saturday in late August, we got married. We arranged our trip so we’d be in Duluth on Sunday. I spent the afternoon the day after my wedding sitting on somebody’s living room floor picking out football players. And then we drove up the North Shore and had a fantastic couple of days in one of my favorite towns. It all seemed perfectly reasonable when I was 20.

And now, every year I am reminded of it, as I spend my anniversary at a fantasy football auction (Oh, they’re still together. They’ve changed from a draft to an auction, and I quit after that first year). It’s a lot of fun to see old friends and we all make a weekend out of it now. I wouldn’t give up that weekend, I just wish it wasn’t at the same time as my anniversary. I’ve never had an anniversary trip that didn’t include fantasy football. And until we had to start bringing our kids with us, I helped by auctioneering. So I have spent many an anniversary saying something similar to “Aaron Rogers…$20…going once…going twi…” and then I got interrupted because somebody upped the bid.

SOMEDAY I want to take a little anniversary trip to Cabin 11. Spend some time with Captain America. Eat our breakfasts at the Cascade Lodge Restaurant. Have lunch at Sven & Ole’s Pizza in Grand Marais. Hike around the trails to see rivers and waterfalls. Shop for outdoorsy things we don’t need (because we’re not outdoorsy) at the trading post. Maybe have dinner at the Angry Trout Cafe. Pie back at the lodge again. Or have some ice cream and throw rocks in the lake. S’mores in our cabin! It’s just one of my favorite places in the world, and I can’t wait to go back. Without stopping for fantasy football on the way. I’m pretty sure it’ll be more special than it would have been on my honeymoon, because after all these years and all of these kids, I’ll appreciate it a whole lot more.


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  1. Ha! Hysterical! I hope that Captain A knew (and still knows) how lucky he was to have a wife willing to spend her honeymoon playing fantasy football! Actually, it sounds kind of fun. But you two definitely need to ditch the kids and head to Cabin 11 all by yourselves WITHOUT football. Sounds like an anniversary plan!

    You are linked!!

  2. I love this. Anyone could take a fantasy trip to Hawaii or Paris for their honeymoon. What you have is a honeymoon to remember. Me too. And I wouldn’t trade it. Well, most of it anyway. I am new to spin cycle, but loving reading everyone’s stories.

  3. Great story Sarah – fun to think back about those times. Back when Sheff-dog, T-Lars and Dennis Hunter were members of the NNFFL. And your husband really could have blown us off. It is not like he has had much success in the league…

    Seriously, you needed to be 20 years old and blinded by love to spend the first day as a MRS. with that crew. Have I ever thanked you for toughing it out?

  4. I sure hope you get the opportunity to stay again at cabin #11! And I hope Captain America knows how lucky he is to have a wife who is willing to share her anniversary every year with fantasy football!

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