RTT: Loves


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d tell you some random things I’m loving right now. And I mean random, because it’s Tuesday. Not the obvious things like my husband and my family and God.

  • Downton Abbey. In case I hadn’t mentioned it. Even though I have. IT IS SO GOOD. Since Captain America doesn’t read the blog, I will admit to you that I tend to watch each episode twice. Once right away, because I can’t wait. Once shortly before the new episode so I can refresh. As if I needed refreshing.
  • Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
  • The Civil Wars
  • My Dollar store Valentine decorations.
  • Yarn-related crafts
  • The crockpot
  • Date night! We had one Saturday! We just went to dinner and did a little shopping. But it was so nice. There were no chicken fingers. The loud child wasn’t mine.
  • Our babysitter. SO. I am so excited about this. Do you know what I found out, after I got all into having a French nanny? Our actual babysitter spent the semester before last IN FRANCE. For real. She’s in French club. She has eaten frog legs. Next best thing to the Grandmere Au Pair? I think so. Plus, she’s the only person Zoey is willing to be left with besides us.
  • My iPhone. Oh, Apps. You are so handy. Some of my favorites are: Words with Friends, Grocery IQ, Shazam, Petfinder (I’m not getting a dog), Migraine Diary, and Pinterest. And last week I downloaded the PBS Kids app. It just runs through clips of Elmo non stop. Other shows too, but we just need Elmo. Zoey’s got some serious love for Elmo. When Sesame Street gets to Elmo’s World, the house could crumble around Zoey and she would not notice. ELMO.
  • Things my children say. Ask Zoey any question right now and she’ll say, “Yeah!”
  • This video. This song. This place. This boy. This sweater. I was happy to see Bon Iver win the best new artist Grammy. Love his stuff. And he’s from Wisconsin! ย 
  • Vacation planning. It’s not til August. But I’m a little excited.

As always, more random at Stacy’s.


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  1. I have GOT to start watching Downton Abbey! Everyone raves about it! (Yes, I have Netflix, just need to find the time to invest emotionally..)
    I just got an iPhone on Friday. While it is quick, oh so quick, and my husband put a nook app on it so I don’t have to carry the nook everywhere with me to tune in to a book when I have a few minutes, but learning how to tap the glass to type a message out? I feel like I’m spooking the fish for some reason. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a nice way to randomly ramble! I like how you did this and so appropriately so for Valentine’s Day, right? I appreciated you visiting my random post and giving me the heads up on what works for you guys when fighting the ole dreaded cold. I’ll certainly keep these things in mind for the future. BTW, this video is lovely. I have not heard anything by this artist before. I think I live in a cave sometimes…or am on the internet too much and NOT listening to music. Don’t you just love the iPone? My DH got me one last May and I don’t know how I got along without it before. Life will never be the same again now that I’m hooked on my iPhone. =D

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