RTT: Bisous


Random Tuesday. Time for some thoughts.

French au pair/Valentine update: In last week’s RTT I was already loving our babysitter. Well. Later that day (Valentine’s Day), I went out to get the mail. I was confused. There were letters FROM Ella & Natalie. Envelopes addressed in crayon. To me! Turns out, the Saturday before when we had Miss E babysit, she helped the girls make Valentines, and then she took them with her to mail for them. I have scanned them for your viewing pleasure. Because there’s something to note on Ella’s.

Natalie’s Valentine cover

Natalie’s Valentine inside – so sweet

Ella’s Valentine cover…wait a minute…

Ella’s Valentine inside

So, yes. Miss E not only helped them make and send Valentines, ELLA’S IS IN FRENCH. “Bisous, Ella” Be. Still. My. Heart. Totally seals the deal, I’m locking Miss E in the basement and not letting her leave upon her college graduation in May. Shhhh! Don’t tell her!! (Dear Internet Big Brother, I am joking. I will not lock her in my basement. But I do hope she finds a job here and never ever leaves. At least not until my children no longer need a sitter.)

• • • • • • • •

I may have mentioned in another post last week that my children are horribly picky eaters and I know it’s my fault. And it’s still not up for discussion. But, I did find a handy thing courtesy of Mr. Chuck E. They’ve got reward charts. You can have your kids fill out 2 weeks of a reward chart, and when they bring it in they’ll get 10 free tokens. We’re giving the “Good Eater” chart a try. You probably don’t take your kids to the Cheese’s, but an occasional visit is a pretty good motivator around here. I’ll just soak them in sanitizer later. (Dear Internet Big Brother, Do I need to disclose that nobody paid me to say that? I just saw it and thought if anyone else uses the occasional Cheese bribery, they’d like to know.)

• • • • • • • •

A while back Ella turned her nose up at the history themed book order. Well this last weekend we took the girls to the mall. We said there WILL BE NO TOY PURCHASES. NONE. WHATSOEVER. But if you would like a couple of books, here’s what you can pick from. They were buy 2, get 3. Natalie picked out 3 chapter books from a series her teacher had read them at school. She’s been reading them and enjoying them. And I showed Ella all the exciting! biography books. She actually picked some out. She has already finished “Who was Sacagawea?” and has now started “Who was Walt Disney?” Did you know Mickey was originally named Mortimer? I didn’t. She actually had a tough time choosing, because she liked so many of the books. Victory! And now I need to do some studying of my own, because according to Ella, Sacagawea gave her baby to Lewis & Clark.

• • • • • • • •

Dear Charter Cable,

Would you mind moving the channels that show yucky murder recreations farther away from kid channels? My toddler has figured out how to change channels on the cable box itself, and I keep finding her watching shows like “The Real NCIS” and “Dateline” instead of “Play with Me Sesame” or “The Wiggles.”

• • • • • • • •

I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that the dog Phoebe has several applications in for adoption. Good for her! Now I have spotted a small, 1 yr old Collie in a neighboring town. I think I should adopt him and train him to be a pet therapy dog. Captain America thinks this is ridiculous. And he still has zero interest in a dog. It seems like such a good idea until I think about those muddy paws coming inside on my cream colored carpet. Finding the garbage knocked over because the dog got into it. Barking in the middle of the night. Chewed precious toys. In real life, I wonder if I should just volunteer at the Humane Society as a dog walker.

• • • • • • • •

More random over at Stacy’s.


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  1. I want to know the chapter book series that Natalie is reading. It’s funny, I have this little circle of blogger friends with kids the same age as Jude, and I’m always getting kid book ideas from them. Jude’s been reading the 39 Clues books and really liking them.

    • Natalie’s books might be too young for Jude. I think it’s the Weird School series or something? Apparently if you’re 6 or 7, it’s HILARIOUS. I’ll have to check 39 Clues for Ella – sounds like something she’d like.

  2. Does your babysitter have a sister? Those Valentine cards are PRICELESS.

    Oooh, I’m so going to borrow your idea for the Chuck E Cheese bribery for my two pathetically picky eaters. 😉

    I think it’s funny you mandated books vs. toys…Princess Nagger will moan and complain when I stipulate that when shopping every so often, but then she’ll be immersed in the books she picked out and doesn’t care its not a toy. 🙂

    Some dogs can be nightmares and some dogs can be awesome…ours are just dorky. 😉

    Valentine Spoilage, Where’s My Water Addiction, The Hunger Games Dilemma

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