Hello! I’m alive!


From my absence it might appear I was on vacation. I want to assure you, I was not. I’ve been nowhere but home. Except that I’ve been on Ella’s Epic Cough Adventure. That poor child. The diagnosis is in, and apparently a little cold or allergy flairs up her asthma. So we’re trying out yet another new inhaler.

Ella’s coughing started somewhere around February 10, because that’s when I wrote her teacher a note to say that I would like her to be allowed cough drops. In the last week it progressed into her waking up twice a night needing more medicine. Guess who does medicine in this house? Just me, it seems. I made her a doctor appointment for yesterday. So for over a week, it was like having a newborn again. When she started coughing, she’d cough for about 20 minutes, then when I couldn’t take it anymore I’d get her something. Then she’d cough for another 20-30 minutes. During which I didn’t sleep. Twice a night. Usually around 12 and 4. Sometimes, it was even enough to wake Zoey up. In the next room. With mostly closed doors and humidifiers running everywhere.

By Monday into Tuesday, it was apparently too much for me, and I got a migraine. And then I kicked myself for not going out for groceries the night before. I dropped the girls off at school, and headed for the grocery store. The migraine itself was gone, I was just living in the migraine hangover. I had to change Zoey’s diaper in the parking lot — I’m sure she found the 35 degree air on her little bum refreshing. The only real reprieve of the day was that for the first time ever in her life, Zoey was an angel while shopping. I honestly think she understood that I felt far too horrible to be able to handle the usual screaming and jailbreak attempts. She sat quietly, snacking on Cheerios and enjoying taking her cup out of the cup holder and putting it back in. Another grocery shopping side note: I am amazed how quickly I was able to get through. Around the second or third aisle, I started to wonder if I was going to survive the trip without passing out. So I just took out my list and got through it as quickly as I could. I was so thankful for my Grocery IQ app, that lets me put my grocery list in order by aisle, and order the aisles according to my store. It eliminated the thinking that I didn’t have the energy for.

We made it home and I started to count down to Zoey’s nap, so I could take one, too. She usually goes down around 11. So I put her down in her crib, closed the door, and went to bed. And then I laid there for an hour and a half listening to her squawk. So much for my nap. She fell asleep around 1. I had to get up to get dinner in the crockpot. At 2:30 I had to wake her up to get Ella & Natalie, because we had to get to Ella’s doctor appointment downtown. Usually she’s up around 2 for a late lunch. So yesterday she missed lunch, had a much shorter nap, and then had to wait in a toyless doctor’s lounge. It’s a new clinic in one of Captain America’s office buildings. Not his like he owns them. His, as in he works there. The company he works for opened a clinic for their employees. I was incredibly grateful that he was able to come down to the clinic to hang out with Zoey while I had Ella in her appointment. Because she’d used every ounce of angel up during the grocery shopping. Apparently the receptionist eventually just closed the door down the hallway and told CA she could go wherever she wanted.

But hooray, hopefully the new inhaler will be helpful. The PA said it would probably take a couple of days to get it into her system and really see results. But guess who slept through the night last night? Well, not me or Ella. But for once it was because of wind and rain rattling everything around and not because of coughing. I may have been woken up a few times, but I at least didn’t have to get out of bed.

That’s an improvement.


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  1. Oh, poor you! Jude gets that cough too, though he doesn’t have asthma, thank goodness. You must try to get some rest! Maybe it’s time for a good shot of Nyquil.

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