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Where on earth have I been for so long? Why can I not get my act together long enough to write even some sort of random Tuesday thoughts? Or respond to a blog prompt? There’s nothing going on, I am apparently just a blog slacker. You know what was delightful? Getting an email asking where I am. One confirmed reader – WOOHOO! Really, Gretchen, thanks for the nudge. I clearly needed it, and it’s always nice to be thought of.

In other news: I am tired of wiping a nose that isn’t mine. But I think we’re finally at the tail end of All the Spring Illness. I hope. And do you know what’s really bizarre? It’s Spring in Wisconsin. Usually here in the upper midwest, Spring is a date that passes on the calendar, and then a few months later it starts to look like Spring. Well for the last week, it’s actually looked like Summer. Temps in the 80s. We had to turn on the air. I had to run out and buy everyone shorts. Usually this time of year, I’m irritated at all the shorts in the stores because there’s still a foot of snow on the ground. Or a blizzard still on its way. I broke out the flip flops. This weekend? The kids PLAYED IN THE SPRINKLER. March 17. Wisconsin. In my lifetime. That’s some global warming craziness.

This morning was the most lovely morning I’d had in quite a while. I had a major breakthrough idea on an upcoming project while I was in the shower. It rained over night, so it had that lovely spring rain smell. When I dropped the girls off at school, the bottom of the bluffs were covered in fog. It looked like a cloud fell out of the sky. Then I met a good friend for coffee, but had Zoey in tow. I figured I’d be lucky to get through my drink before she’d had enough meltdowns to warrant going home. But no, we stayed for TWO HOURS, and it was really only in the last 15 minutes that she started to lose it. When I got home I put her down for a nap and she went immediately to sleep. Instead of the usual hour of jabbering. Late this afternoon, I had the blissful feeling of depositing all of my children in various locations of the YMCA, and walking on the track ALONE. I am telling you, today left me with more hope than any cynic has the right to have. It was like God threw me a party. “More presents for you! Here’s another gift! There’s one more thing under the tissue paper!” Such a nice day.

And here’s my “you know you’re from a small town when ___” of the week: Zoey had her 18 month appointment on Friday. Our usual doctor is out on maternity leave. So we went to someone new. Over the course of conversation, I mentioned that I was from West Central Minnesota. “Oh? Anywhere near {insert Large Lake Wobegon town here}?” Um, YES. Turns out that’s where her husband is from. I know his grandparents from our church there. I am a huge fan of these things. You would not believe the places where I’ve run into someone from my small hometown (population 2,500). It’s not unusual to run into someone at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities, despite it being 2 hours away and having more people in it than our town. Ran into a family I recognized from one of the even smaller neighboring towns while staying in Kentucky on the way to Florida. I spotted the Ben Franklin owners at Quincy Market in Boston. I love it.



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  1. So glad I nudged you! The sprinkler?! That is crazy. It’s been too dang cold and rainy here in Southern California to go out without a jacket! That is wacky. And I adore that God threw you a party. What a great thought.

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