RTT: Hey, look at me! Blogging!


I’ve missed the Random Tuesday Thoughts after all this quietness. So here it is:

  • It was my birthday. A month ago. On Easter. I’m not a huge fan of an Easter birthday. While in my heart I know there’s no better gift than Jesus conquering death for my life, there’s a little part of me that spends the day saying, “What about me? More me!” I’m just being honest. Big picture vs. Little picture. Big picture wins, but Little picture is still there. Yes, I am working on getting over myself.
  • Zoey is still refusing to say “mama” but she’s happy to scream “Daddy!!” at the top of her lungs at any given time. She’s also really enjoying coloring. Especially when we leave the room and she can have a crayon snack. And that is why I have been thankful for non-toxic crayons. But I’d rather have her eat crayons than the fireplace rock she’d been munching on a few weeks before.
  • I had a weird skin pain. It turned out that I was hoarding so much stress in my back (kudos to my friend Carol on the term for being a “stress hoarder”), the knots were starting to mess with my nerves. I’m now undergoing a series of bi-weekly deep tissue massages. Maybe someday they’ll be relaxing. Right now it just plain hurts. I scheduled the first one for an hour, and the moment my massage therapist touched my back she said, “Oh no. We’re going to have to work up to an hour. There’s too much here. Way too much.” But after the last one I only needed one handful of ibuprofen the next day! It seems to be improving, so HOORAY! It’s good to feel better, even if it’s bit by bit, knot by knot. And it’s good to know what was going on, because it sure felt like shingles. By the way, this made me feel very old.
  • I had to sign the girls up for summer school the other day. I never really like figuring out the whole summer in April. But our summer school is awesome, so we’re doing it. This year the morning will be like boring regular school (aimed at keeping things fresh so they don’t lose half a year’s worth of information over the summer). Then the afternoon is fun school. They had options like Spanish, crochet, art, drama, sign language, etc, etc, etc. Summer school is 3 weeks, M-F, 8:30-2:15. Do you know what it’s going to cost me? $20. Total. $10 each. For 3 weeks of entertainment. 3 weeks of not hearing, “I’m bored!” Smack in the middle of summer. I love our school district.
  • I love seeing people take care of each other. I like watching Ellen give somebody a car who really needed it. I like watching people drop off a meal to the new baby’s family. I like watching people open the door for each other. Anything at all. It gives me warm fuzzies and hope. My friend Lora is now receiving hospice care at home. It’s been such a privilege to see her “Angel Sightings” blog posts. People are constantly dropping off meals, cleaning the chicken coop, taking her kids out clothes shopping, doing mending, mowing the yard, driving her to treatments – you name it. It’s been going on for almost 2 years. It just makes me so happy that people do that sort of thing for one another. That sometimes we get up from behind our computers and help out. I love it.

It’s good to be back randoming. See Stacy for more!


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  1. It’s good to have you back! 🙂 I wouldn’t like an Easter birthday either – mine’s bad enough 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and 2 weeks before Christmas…it kinda gets lost in the shuffle of those two holidays. 🙂

    Just wait – Zoey will be saying ‘mama’ soon enough…then it’ll be ‘mama…. mama…. mama…. mama…. mama…. mama!!!!’ 🙂 And I don’t miss the crayon eating days… 😉

    I never knew skin pain could be the hoarding of stress…a massage sounds so good right about now!

    Only $20? TOTAL? I’d so sign up for something like that…though I think Princess Nagger would protest greatly. 😉

    I think it’s so cool when people selflessly give to others and help them out – very cool that your friend is experiencing that in her time of need.

    May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

  2. I love randomizing! I have not been a good blogger lately! That’s why I am up at 5am commenting!

    Sometimes I wish my 15 year old would forget how to say Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom. I think she came out at birth saying it!

    I hope your pain is under control soon.

    Mom on Caffeine

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