Farewell, Bam Bam. We hardly knew ye.


Friday all the girls and I headed over to the humane society to see about some hermit crabs. I envisioned walking in, saying we wanted them, and walking out. It turns out even the adoption of hermit crabs is serious business. I went through an adoption application interview. I promised that Captain America knew I was there attempting to adopt hermit crabs. When it was over, the nice girl said, “Ok. Well, someone should call you sometime before 1 pm tomorrow to let you know.” OH! Alright. And Ella said, “Are we taking them home??” I said, “Well, they need to make sure we’re a good fit first.” “Why?” Yeah, I don’t know. But they do. Surely because it makes sense with things like cats and dogs and bunnies, and it’s easier to just keep the rule across the board.

Saturday the girls made me promise 82 times that I would let them know the very moment that I received the phone call about the hermits. Sure enough, I got the call. We were deemed fit to be a hermit crab family! It was that much more exciting by having to wait overnight. So that afternoon we headed over to pick up the crabs. Pebbles and Bam Bam. Pebbles was all over the place. Very friendly. For a crab. Bam Bam didn’t seem interested in coming out of his shell. We decided he was shy. I signed the papers, and we took them home.

We spent the afternoon trying to get Bam Bam to play. Or move. The next afternoon, Natalie (the Sensitive One and future vet) and I headed over to the pet store with Bam Bam. “Could you tell me if this crab is…still living?” “Nope. This one’s dead.” Ok…Natalie burst into tears. Just as she did, a humane society volunteer happened to walk by, she overheard what happened. This was terrible! She was so sorry! Did I want a refund? Then another volunteer came over – “Can I pay for a new hermit crab?”

Good heavens, no, I said. It was a hermit crab. It was fine. I paid $5 and got a tank, food, a spray bottle and a book. Let’s all just calm down. Natalie picked out a new hermit crab, who was aptly named Zoom Zoom. When he’s not buried in the corner of the tank, he is FAST. Also, he has a car on his shell. So there’s that. Unfortunately, it was a rough few days for Natalie. She continued to burst into tears at the mention of a hermit crab. I’m pretty sure she has mourned the loss of Bam Bam more than Pebbles did.

I’ve been impressed by two things with my girls who are allowed to handle the hermit crabs (It’s going to be a mighty long time before Zoey’s allowed to touch them – she would totally chuck one across the room).

1. Ella retained every smidgen of knowledge she learned about hermit crabs at school. Every little bit. If we have a question, she’s got an answer.

2. Natalie is very brave with them. She’s actually less scared to handle them than Ella.

So that’s all the news from Hermit Crab Central. If you have any hermit crab care questions, Ella would be happy to answer them.



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