Summer Break. Week 1.


With just a half day left today, I thought I’d give a little update on the summer. I don’t really count the weekends, because that’s not me trying to survive 3 children (including 1 toddler and 2 pre-pre-teens) while working my little freelance business and keeping the house from crumbling around me all by myself.

After a half day for the last day of school on Tuesday, Summer Break began. We celebrated the last day with our traditional ice cream run. Only this year it was courtesy of the drive through, so we could get Zoey home to sleep. On our way home, a friend of Natalie’s called and Natalie ended up heading to the pool with her. We didn’t see her again until 8:30 pm, much to Ella’s dismay and boredom.

Wednesday I think there was movie watching, park playing, and then a friend of Ella’s came by a couple of times. There was some sprinkler running, and a spontaneous neighborhood water fight.

Thursday we went geocaching. Let me pause for a moment, to say how stinkin’ fun the geocaching was. We had 4 moms and 9 kids. Two were experienced geocachers, and two of us were newbies. Finally an activity that is equally fun for grownups & kids. I highly recommend checking it out – You can get a fancy GPS (the kind for your car don’t work), or you can get a phone app for $9.99. There’s also a free intro app if you just want to test its funness first. We spent about 2 hours out on a bike/walking trail, and found 3 caches. It wouldn’t take so long, but we had quite a few little ones and had to stop for things like moving worms to safety. I was glad to go out with people who knew what they were doing, because I would have given up on two of those geocaches mighty early. I have a feeling we will be enjoying this quite a bit this summer. Bonus: All 3 girls were totally starving and wiped out when we got home. Drawback: It was a lot harder to convince the girls to do some chores in the afternoon, because they were still worn out.

Today is another sprinkler day. You know what’s crazy? One of my most despised school year duties is lunch packing. I think next year they’ll be on their own. What’s the #1 lunch request in the summer? “Will you pack me a lunch like for school?” They are currently eating al fresco while taking breaks for more sprinkler running. Ella had me come out to watch her do pushups over the sprinkler. Natalie was watching in a lawn chair. “She cracks me up with this stuff,” Natalie said. I’m hoping that leads to an afternoon of quiet, worn out children.

Because do you know what I HAVEN’T done this week? WORKED.

On tap for next week: Library summer program. It’s an hour long over lunch. More lunch packing! Yippee! And I’m thinking a little geocaching will be in order. Because as my friend Opal would say, I’m completed adorkted to it.


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