RTT: Summertime


Here’s a little random summer update.

  • We’re into our third full week of no school. The older two spent the last two weeks at Lunch Bunch at the library every day. They go do crafts and listen to a chapter or two of a story while they eat lunch. I push Zoey around the library and load the stroller up with books no one reads. Although I did somehow get Ella to read a biography on Buffalo Bill in preparation for our Big Trip. It was nice to have a couple weeks of an activity, and it’s nice that it’s over. It really pushed Zoey’s nap back every day.
  • At the end of last week, my sister came down with two of my nephews. We had the chance to do a little geocaching, and my sister has the leg scratches to prove it. We ate some pizza. The cousins played. My sister, nephew and I ran a 5K. More about that later.
  • This week we have no plans. I mean, there are things going on, but we’re not signed up for any activities. I’ve been making the older girls a to-do list every day. It includes awful things like homework sheets their teachers sent home. Things like reading. Things like vacuuming.
  • Ella has just been begging Natalie to clean their room. “I just really want to get it organized,” she said. If she had her way, she’d have her own room. And I’ll bet it would be spotless. Natalie would not be able to find her bed. And once she found it, there would be nowhere to sleep. On Natalie’s list every day I have “Find 5 things in your room to throw/give away.” I get it. I’m a packrat. But I’ve been hit with a sudden “must purge” feeling. I took a load to Goodwill yesterday, and I’ve already started gathering another load. There’s such an age gap between Natalie and Zoey, I don’t want to hang on to things til Zoey can use them. I don’t want to have a bike in our garage for three more years before Zoey gets on it.
  • One of the things Natalie has wanted to do this summer is “homeschool” Zoey. Have at it, young teacher. So far, my less than two year old can recognize and say almost all of her letters. What’s strange is she knew most of them before they started. In the interest of transparency, I think it’s from watching Super Why.
  • We have a couple neighbor children who come by to play. They stare in the windows first. Like, for a long time. They peek in the front window. Then they peek in the door window. Eventually, they ring the bell. I probably wouldn’t notice, but I work by the front window. I’m often mid project and get scared out of my mind by a shadow to my right. Oh. It’s just a neighbor kid. And then it will be a minute or two before they actually ring the bell. I suppose I should say something. But I really, really dislike telling other people’s children how to behave.
  • In case you were wondering about the hermit crabs, Pebbles is doing well after her molting. I say “her,” but we really have no clue if it’s a girl. The only trouble is, she seems to have forgotten she’s nocturnal. I’m not sure she ever sleeps anymore. And she’s started eating the drinking sponge. Sometimes she drags it around the tank. Zoom Zoom on the other hand, just buries himself all the time and doesn’t come out. Perhaps we’re gearing up for another round of molting. Who needs a sweet, fuzzy, tiny gray kitten? Not me. But if I adopted her, I’d want her little black kitten friend, too. And I’d name them Pippa and Lottie. Captain America’s standing veto was supposedly based on lack of room in our upstairs to put a litter box. I cleaned out a closet and put a large boot box in as a visual aid for where the litter box could go. No luck. Not that I’ve been thinking about it.

And that’s what I’ve got for this week. More random at Stacy’s.


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  1. Every time I hear the word summertime, I immediately starting singing the song by THe Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. That’s right, I’m down with it.
    I actually do homeschool Indy and since we ended school a week and a half ago, I’m all out of sorts! I don’t know what to do with myself. He goes to M-F summer camp though so at least he’s got stuff to do. I just sit around playing with Han Solo and watching my DVD’s of Firefly. 🙂
    Hermit crabs…not my favorite. Indy got one for this 4th or 5th birthday and it smelled to high heaven. Ick. No more!
    Happy RTT!

  2. I think you might just try bringing the kitten home…just saying. Also, I know a kitten named Pippa and I think it is ADOREABLE! And might I add that you could install a kitty door and put the litter box in the basement…am I helping?

  3. I had the sudden need to purge this morning,but couldn’t find a room that fit the 90 minute time slot I had available. We worked in the daughter’s room yesterday, but she clearly didn’t have enough of the get rid of it mo-jo in her veins!

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