Summer update…3?


Last week we took a break from Camp Mama, and the older girls headed off to Grandma Camp! It’s a very exclusive, but somehow FREE camp that we were able to get the girls into this summer. At least it’s free for now. Wait til the word gets out!

From the brochure:

“Grandma Camp is located near Lake Wobegon, and offers a variety of activities to our campers. Campers will be picked up at Ikea on Saturday by the Southwest Grandma Camp Director, and shuttled to their individual locations. On Tuesday, the Camp Directors will meet for dinner at the Pizza Ranch and exchange campers. On Friday, campers will be shuttled to Mall of America by Camp Assistants, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Big Daddy.

Camp activities may include, but are not limited to: boating, sprinklers, crafting, scrapbooking, parades, fireworks, movies, swimming, more crafting, shopping, and staying up late.

Meals may include, but are not limited to: popcorn, rainbow sprinkle pancakes, pizza, chicken nuggets. *Please note, that is not a snack of popcorn, that is a meal of popcorn.

Campers will enjoy their own rooms, and 6 days of separation from their sisters.”

It was very fancy. Unlike most camps, we were called by our campers frequently. We also received reports via text and email. The girls had an awesome time, and I think the grandparents thought it was ok, too. Surprisingly, Natalie THRIVED. My little homebody. I think it was all the alone time for my introvert.

In any case, I highly recommend finding yourself a Grandma Camp. There’s nothing quite like it.



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  1. Oh man, Grandma Camp sounds like heaven! Jude will be headed to Camp Mommy in August, but unfortunately, I have to go along, and Mommy’s (my MIL) idea of camp activities are cleaning house and watching General Hospital!

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