RTT: Vacationed Out


I cannot even believe I’m about to say this. But I am vacationed out. I have no doubt this feeling will pass, and pass quickly. But for now, I actually want to stay home. For the sake of Random Tuesday Thoughts, I am giving you a list of ways I know I’ve had too much vacation:

  • From August 1 – September 2, I spent 14 nights somewhere else. Not at home. There was a 9 day road trip, a 3 day trip to my parents’ house to wait out a new roof at ours, and the annual 2 days for Captain America’s fantasy football auction.
  • Every time I get ready to leave the house, I feel my pockets for my room key. I panic when I don’t feel it, or when I don’t find it in my purse at first glance.
  • I don’t want to eat out anymore. Especially not somewhere with fries. I want to stay home and eat cereal. For every meal.
  • I’m tired of driving.
  • I’m surprised at my good cell service.
  • I feel like I’m forgetting everything, because I don’t need a giant diaper bag and camera before I get in the car.
  • I’d nearly forgotten what my grocery store looks like.
  • I no longer care about continental breakfasts.
  • I didn’t even get unpacked from Trip 2 before I packed for Trip 3. I just left most of it in the bag.
  • I’m surprised when Zoey sleeps through the night. There wasn’t a whole lot of that in August.
  • My children have trained me to wake up at 6:30, even though they’re not doing it anymore.
  • Even though my parents were here watching the kids on Sunday and we had all the time in the world to get back from the auction, we pretty much came straight home. We were just kind of tired of going places.
  • I’m surprised to see people I know. Because I’m actually home, and not in another state. I’m surprised to wake up in my own bed.
  • I completely stopped remembering where I parked. I just stopped paying attention. I am usually very vigilant about that. But by Trip 3, I did a lot of wandering around parking lots pushing the lock button and trying to figure out where the honk was coming from.

Thank goodness for school starting today. It’s time to get back to our routine.

More random over at Stacy’s.



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