RTT: I’m weird.


I think we’re all tired out after my extensive vacation postings. Good heavens. So instead of a list this week, I thought I’d just tell you one random thing about me.

I am a Titanic addict. I have been for as long as I can remember. I guess I’m not obsessed – I don’t recall reading any books on it. Or not very many. Although I do remember looking it up endlessly in some encyclopedia-like decade books we had when I was growing up.

I have a vague memory of watching footage of the first dive down to the wreckage in 1985 – perhaps on 60 Minutes? 60 Minutes was NOT missed at my house. I think that must be when my fascination started.

I also have a memory of a history project in 5th grade, for which I built a model of the Titanic out of tagboard, duct tape, and some wooden dowels. Or maybe, my mom helped me build the model. Perhaps more accurately, I helped her build the model. In any case, I don’t remember what we were supposed to do, but I remember making a Titanic. And I remember getting a good grade. Thanks, Mom!

I can’t even tell you what I find so fascinating about it. Just know that if we were watching tv together, and you flipped past ANY Titanic documentary, I would want you to stop. Nothing sucks me in like dramatic portrayals of people in their grand drawing rooms, or poor little third class children with no window to look out. And what would a Titanic documentary be without some footage of a bulkhead door closing while water pours into the boiler room?

Heck, I made Captain America go see Leo & Kate’s Titanic movie TWICE in the theater. Even though it’s absolutely ridiculously unrealistic. And I’m pretty sure I have the soundtrack around here somewhere.

Did you see that this year for the 100th Anniversary, they were taking a ship out to the place where it went down at the time it sank? I can’t decide if that would be really interesting or super creepy. I think maybe super creepy. Plus, I have a fear of cruises. Not so much for the sinking potential as the seasickness potential. I mean, if you get seasick, you are STUCK. It could be the worst seven days of your life. I don’t know if I get seasick or not, but I’m not sure I want to commit at least three days to finding out.

So there you have it. I’m weird. And I think that sufficiently meets the requirement of “random.” Check out more at Stacy’s.


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  1. Have you ever been to the Titanic museum in Branson? It’s great!!! My mom and I went a couple years ago. They said it would 90 minutes to tour it. We were in there for 4 hours! We didn’t even know it til we came out and looked at our watches!

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