Wild hairs


Sometimes in the winter, I like to pretend I’m going on a tropical vacation. Maybe if I close my eyes hard enough, I’ll feel warm again. That sort of thing. And sometimes when I get really busy, I like to pretend I’m going to start a whole new job and generally make a heap of changes. It’s kind of like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand. I have always been a daydreamer.

When I saw this building for sale, holy cats, did the daydreaming start! It’s a gorgeous old building, on the historic register, that happens to sit by the lakewalk in Duluth. You know. On Lake Superior. Now, Duluth will have a little piece of my heart forever, so the following are my ideas for what we should do once we’ve won this building at auction. Yes. The one we’re not bidding on.

  • We’ll remodel it and live there. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to those views? I’ll have a craft nook and just create things all day. I’ll take the time to learn how to make chain maille jewelry. While Zoey happily plays in the corner. She is so well behaved in my daydreams! We’re like a family in a Lands End catalog.
  • I’ll have a bookstore. New books. Used books. Cozy places for people to sit. I’ll also have a small coffee bar. Zoey will hang out at the store with me and we’ll read books all day. Again, she is so well behaved! When we close for lunch, we’ll have picnics on the rocks. Zoey will feed the seagulls, even though when you live in Duluth you curse the people who feed the seagulls. You may also come and enjoy our wifi for your Nook, Kindle, or iPad.
  • A tea shop! Sit and drink tea and stare at the lake! Eat a tasty treat. Mix and buy teas to take home! I don’t know where Zoey is in this scenario. She is perhaps underfoot, or maybe she stays with the grandmotherly neighbor next to our house. Because in my daydreams, I always live next to someone who desperately wants to take care of my children and is extremely trust worthy. Maybe she’s French! She teaches Zoey French! Her name is Veronique. Or Caroline, but of course it’s pronounced “Caroleen.”
  • It’s a music school. We give music lessons. Not me, of course, I’d need to take the lessons myself. But what a great excuse! All the girls will grow up playing every instrument. They are brilliant.
  • A counseling center. Who couldn’t work through some junk while looking out at the lake? I feel better already. I have a psychology minor, so I am no doubt qualified to start such a business. I don’t think I want to do the counseling myself, because it would be hard not to go home and think about other people’s pain. I’ll just coordinate things. Even though I’m not a very organized person.
  • OH! A kindness center. I don’t know what that means. Whatever you need help with, we can help you find someone to help you. I don’t know how. But it sounds really nice. I don’t know how I can afford it. The money tree in back? Everything from a warm meal to help making travel plans to figuring out how to pay for college. Support while you get fit? I don’t know. What do you need? A cup of coffee? I’m on it. We’ll have classes! Learn a language! Learn to knit! We’ll have a study hall for you college kids who can’t find a quiet spot, and want to get off campus for a bit.
  • Or maybe we’ll live there and I’ll write a book. About what, I don’t know. I’ll figure it out. Surely the lake will speak to me.

And naturally, in all of these scenarios, it is also Summer. Or maybe Fall. Because Duluth is very cold and snowy in the Winter and Spring.

Tune in next time when we move to Ireland. Only I have no desire to actually move. And I’ve never even been to Ireland, so I don’t know if I’d really want to live there.

Any other ideas for a fantastic old building on a beautiful lake?



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