RTT: Feisty Tuesday


I’ve been feeling feisty the last few days. It happens a few times a year. I’m just getting all riled up about everything under the sun. I have Opinions. Which could lead to acting on a whim. Here are some random things that have crossed my mind, some of which I’d probably regret.

  • Adopt a dog or two cats. But of course, the dog I wanted got adopted in less than a week. The cats I wanted (this week) are gone as well. I’m sure there will be new cats, but an Australian Shepherd is not a humane society regular. I had visions of my girls growing up with a dog like I had (although I think she was an English Shepherd/Border Collie). My dog was BRILLIANT. Brilliant dogs are so fun.
  • Get a new tattoo. In a place where if I worked in corporate America, I’d have to worry about covering it up.
  • Do something radically crazy to my hair.
  • Get a cause. Maybe I need somewhere to direct this feistiness. There are plenty of wonderful causes out there, some that I feel passionately about. I generally have not taken anything up because on a day to day basis, I already feel overwhelmed by the amount on my plate. Raise children. Cook meals. Keep a livable house. Do part-time job from home. Most days that’s more than enough for me. Today it went well above what I felt I could handle.
  • Start being brutally honest with people. Please note the “brutally.” I wouldn’t want to be mean – that doesn’t help anybody or anything. But sometimes I wonder why I put so much effort into avoiding conflict. Sometimes conflict is good. Why do we sometimes have topics that are understood we won’t discuss? Let’s just talk about it.
  • Get a passport. Why don’t I have a passport? I’ve never had a passport. What if someone’s friend suddenly can’t go to {insert awesome European destination here}, and they offer me a trip? I wouldn’t have time to get a passport. And then I couldn’t go.
  • Get rid of all my clothes and start over. I don’t really like anything I have. There’s really nothing I ever put on and say, “This feels like me.” I don’t really know why I bought most of it. I suppose it was cheap and expected.

In real life, I will probably not do any of these things. In real life, Captain America will probably just have to get a few earfuls of my Opinions. Perhaps he’d prefer I go for one of the above – the other day I was reacting to a local news story and working into such a tizzy, he looked a little scared. I think because it had nothing to do with us, and maybe wasn’t even that interesting. But I had things. To. Say. And now to add fuel to the fire, it’s election season. I never really get all that riled up about election season itself. I vote (after researching candidates – not all willy nilly). But the Facebook newsfeed is always littered with other people’s Opinions. I don’t mind an Opinion here and there. But honestly, sometimes the way those Opinions are expressed makes me sad. Can’t we all just get along? Agree to disagree? When everyone starts threatening to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win, I just think we need to calm down. Also, spending my days with a fit-throwing toddler makes me a little stir crazy. Or just crazy. Maybe a lot crazy.

So who knows. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can find more random at Stacy’s.


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  1. I say go for it. At least one or two of them. I’d advise against the tattoo or the drastic hair! And I TOTALLY agree about Facebook/politics. Drive me crazy!

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