RTT: Tuesday edition


That doesn’t really make sense, because it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts.

  • On Monday, I took Zoey to the dentist. Which was good, because on Thursday, I spaced her appointment. However, I did have to sit in the chair and hold her down while they cleaned her teeth and painted on some fluoride. I’m glad this is not more often than every six months. At the end of the appointment, Zoey was showered with prizes and gifts. I think there should be a little Starbucks card for mom, or SOMETHING after enduring that. I could have hidden Zoey’s prizes after 5 minutes, and she wouldn’t have remembered. I’ll be scarred for weeks.
  • I learned more in 5 minutes of eavesdropping on my 4th grader than I’ve gotten in weeks. I wasn’t being sneaky, mind you. They just forgot I was in earshot. First of all, I didn’t realize my 9 year old actually lived in the Valley in the 80s. “Ummm…YAH!!” And apparently at her last sleepover, they were up at 2 am sneaking into the kitchen for peanut butter and beef jerky. “But…PROBLEM…we didn’t have spoons!” Yuck. Shortly after they remembered I could hear them, but before they hastily retreated to her room, that child looked me straight in the face and gave me some quintessential teenage attitude. And then apologized, based on my facial expression. She’s still a good kid.
  • My 7 year old wants to be a dog for Halloween. But not just any dog, her teacher’s dog. So I need to create a costume for a white springer spaniel with orangey brown spots. No problem! *sigh* Today we’ve received pictures of the dog. There’s talk of borrowing a collar of said dog. And a possible playdate with the dogs (and the friend who is dressing up as the other dog), to be able to get into character. This has gotten very serious, and I’m really going to have to deliver on this costume.
  • I haven’t had a haircut since May. It’s too much work to try and get in for one. At first I didn’t care, but now my hair is stringy and bedraggled. So I look in the mirror and say, “I need a haircut so very badly. I’m going to make an appointment.” And then I think about how hard it is to find a time and say, “Nobody’s looking at my hair anyway.” This is the attitude that gets people on What Not to Wear. And Me From 10 Years Ago thinks that’s sad. Me From Today thinks nobody’s looking at my hair.
  • Did anybody watch What Not to Wear before it was Stacy & Clinton? When it was Stacy & Wayne? At first I didn’t like when it switched to Clinton, but now I can’t imagine it without him. I want to shop with him. And I miss Nick Arrojo doing hair.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV lately. I’ve decided I will never remodel anything unless it’s for one of these shows. It seems way too scary on your own. Which brings me to a question: Do you think it’s a sin to paint or stain oak so it doesn’t look like oak? Our house is chock full of oak, and it’s just not my favorite. But it’s a perfectly good wood, so I’d feel kind of bad changing it. Someone really wanted oak in here, and paid for oak. I’m probably not going to do anything about it, because it would be a slippery slope. Like we’d have to change everything all at once. Vanities. Baseboards. Doors. Trim. The fireplace mantel. SO MUCH OAK. I have a hard time with the idea of changing something I don’t like, if it’s in perfectly good condition. But it’s OUR house. Not the Oak and Brass People’s house. In the end, I’ll just be too lazy to change it. Partially because I can’t visualize it darker, and that makes me nervous.

Well, I think I’ve achieved random. If it wasn’t enough for you, Stacy’s got more.


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  1. I absolutely agree that we should get a ‘treat’ like a Starbucks card or something having to go through the trauma of our kids’ dentist appointments – Princess Nagger is the exactly the same as Zoey when it comes to the dentist.

    HA! Your eavesdropping on your 9 year old is something I would have accidentally on purpose done – and it sounds like she’s just like Princess Nagger, too, right down to being a 9 year old 4th grader who must have lived in the Valley in the 80’s – and the ‘tude followed by apology. 🙂

    Good luck with the costume – it’s funny that they want to dress up as their teacher’s dogs!

    Apparently I didn’t watch What Not To Wear before Clinton because he’s the only one I knew as part of that team. 🙂

    I love watching HGTV but have to refrain because I get all excited to follow suit, but it’s not always in the budget. As for painting the oak, it’s entirely up to you, though my house (built in 1817 with some amazing woodwork) I wish the previous owners hadn’t painted all the wood here – it would look so much better in its original state. 🙂

    Fall Finally Arrives with Hotel Transylvania, Body by Vi Challenge Accepted, Comic Moment, Banana Spider and Genius Birthday Card

  2. Oh no, I was just reading VandyJ talking about her 4th grader’s teenage angst (it’s amazing how many of my readers/people I read have kids the same age as Jude! – Stacy up there too!). I’m afraid I’ll be in for some soon. I remember Wayne. He was the one with the tacky long hair, right? I must admit, I was glad they replaced him. Oh, and the haircut? Go for it. Because you’re probably right, nobody’s looking at your hair. But if you got the haircut then people WOULD be looking at your hair, which is a good thing.

  3. Why is it that mom’s often run behind on the haircut schedule? I’m the same way. My boys get their hair trimmed every month like clockwork. I can’t even remember the last time any scissors other than my own touched my hair. And let’s please not discuss my roots…shameful.

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