RTF: Hey, look at that. It’s Friday.


I missed the random thoughts on Tuesday. And it turns out I have some, so let’s go with “better late than never.”

  • Remember when I was feeling all restless? I dyed my hair. Peacock colors. Please enjoy this grainy self portrait that doesn’t do the color justice. And a new closeup so you can see the actual color.

It’s dip dyed. So it’s just the ends, the rest is my natural color. It required bleaching the ends in foils, followed by painting the dip dye (purple, blue and teal) in foils. So it’s a full two color processes. I LOVE IT. I mean, I am crazy in love with it. My only sadness is that crazy colors don’t last as long, because it would be a long time before I’m sick of it. It’s been trippy having peacock hair. It gets a lot of looks, not all pleasant. And I’ve never had so many compliments from the age 7-9 crowd. But I have not had a moment’s regret. When I saw it in the salon mirror, I thought, “YES!! There I am!!”

  • Captain America is going to be participating in Movember. This means for November he’ll grow an awful mustache, and help raise money for men’s health issues. They’re gathering a crew from work, and from my understanding they are ready to seriously DO THIS THING. So, yes, once our church is over and we start visiting other churches he’ll have a creepy ‘stache and I’ll be sporting the peacock hair. That should make the experience extremely interesting.
  • Captain America is a big Aaron Gleeman fan. It comes with being a fan of All Things Sports. But on occasion Mr. Gleeman posts something related to music. Recently he linked to this youtube video: Ben Howard, Call Me Maybe.
    CA made me listen to it. And I’m glad he did, because then I found Ben Howard’s album “Every Kingdom,” and I love it. I really like his voice, and the music is right up my alley.
  • Parenthood is still the very best show on television. I want it to be more than an hour. I want it to be on more than once a week. And they should never, ever take a week off, especially not for a presidential debate.
  • Zoey is becoming the Queen of Terrible Twos. Or the Grand Poobah. Something. So many meltdowns. I’ve got to give it to her, she really puts her all into it. I just hope it’s an incredibly short phase. Otherwise CA is going to start coming home to me curled up in the fetal position in the corner. When she’s throwing a good fit at home, I like to ignore her. Like right now. Because your tantrum is not going to get you what you want, Kid. Only she’s so persistent. She will actually come and turn my computer chair around to scream at me. If I walk away, she’ll crawl after me, pausing only to roll around on the floor, or collapse on her face. But it’s all good. I’m sure she’ll thank me in every Oscar acceptance speech.
  • Hey, Politics, are you over yet? I would like to vote now and then just go to bed until November 12 or so. Or move into a remote cabin in the mountains with no link to the outside world, because nothing is safe. Just ugliness and nastiness and meanness everywhere. Ok, no link to the outside world except Pinterest.
  • I have a pile of mending to do. It makes me feel like a pioneer woman. Only I’m just trying to make some velour sweatpants fit my skinny child. And make the holes in my other child’s jeans look cuter and cover her knees. Also, I’m not a very good seamstress. So that makes it interesting.

Feels good to get that little random out. I wonder if I’ll have anything left when Tuesday comes.




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  1. I echo your thoughts on Parenthood. April and I are always surprised and a little bummed when the hour is up. The characters are great and the program just feels like real life…even if they all have houses and cars I would give my left arm for.

    You’ll need to post pictures of B. Murph and his fuzzy upper lip…great ammunition for banter down the road.

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