The aftermath


Well. We know how I feel about politics on Facebook. Yuck. How does it get so much worse after the election? It was just ugly.

But you know what the worst thing was today? We asked our girls if kids had talked about it at school. Ella, the fourth grader, looked kind of sad. “Some kids were talking really mean about it. Not like they were bragging Obama won, they were saying ‘Obama sucks!'” She wanted to know why they would do that. In her mind, the worst that could have happened is that you might brag that your guy won. She couldn’t imagine people saying bad things about him. Not just because he’s the President. Not just because she likes him. But because that’s just not what you do. You don’t put people down. Anyone. My 9 year old gets it. Why don’t the adults?

I asked the girls the other day who I should vote for, to see what they would say. “Barack Obama!” Why? Well, they’re 7 & 9. They think his dog is cool and that Michelle Obama is awesome. I don’t think the FLOTUS’s awesome status can be denied. But Ella likes the President. It hurt her feelings that kids were saying bad things about him. When you put him down, you put down the people who like him. I’m sad to say we had the same experiences today, my fourth grade daughter and I.

So when she asked why kids would be mean, why they couldn’t be good sports, I was honest. I said I’m guessing that’s what their parents think. But we don’t agree with people acting like that. We will be respectful of other people’s feelings and opinions.

She gets it. I didn’t have to tell her.


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