A couple times a month, the older girls head off to the Humane Society for Critter Club. It’s kind of my apology to them for not having a real* pet. They’re not old enough to work with the animals (liabilities & what have you). So they learn about different animals, and do projects for the animals in the shelter. They make dog toys and things. Posters about pet adoption. That sort of thing. And then at the end if they have time, they get to visit the animal rooms and see who is there this week.

Every week when Zoey and I drop them off, Zoey yells, “I GO SEE KITTIES!!” as soon as we can see the parking lot. There’s a large cat statue in front. It’s playing with a ball of yarn. So this week it was, “KITTY PLAYING BASKETBALL! I GO SEE! I SEE KITTIES!” Usually we take the girls to the club, and then we take a quick spin through the cat & dog rooms. Those poor cats. They are never ready for Zoey. “HI KITTY!! SO CUTE!” she yells, as she shoves her face to the glass. You may not know this, but two year olds really only have one volume. It requires ALL CAPS. This week, she was very concerned about their eating habits. “HI KITTY! WANT A SNACK??” She didn’t have a snack to share, I think she just wanted them to stop napping and eat their food. Every kitty in the joint. “HI KITTY! WANT A SNACK?!?!”

Then we went to the dog room and saw a sad little terrier type dog. Poor baby was shaking. I would, too, if I were across from the Giant Golden Barking Lab. Forget the fact that there are two fences between you. My ears would hurt. Plus, poor baby dog was wearing a doggie cone of shame. She has had a tough week. I wanted to bring her home. I was pretty sure if I did, she would chew up everything in our house and pee all over the floor, but I still wanted to bring her home. But maybe it’s for the best. Zoey might have been more than Little Terrier could take. “HI DOG! NICE TO MEET YOU!” Then, she turned to Barking Lab, “I sorry, Puppy. I sorry.”

I am noticing that my own desire for a pet seems to ebb and flow right along with what’s “in stock.” Lots of kittens? We should really get a cat. Border Collie or Australian Shepherd? I’d like a dog. None of the above? I don’t need a pet, thank you. I like my pet hair-free home and lack of litter box.

And then the Humane Society posts a new picture on Facebook of another tiny gray kitten that needs a loving home… It’s probably good Captain America is so set in his No Pet ways.


*I have decided hermit crabs aren’t real pets. What with having to move them every few days to see if they’re still alive and all.


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