It’s just a Thursday afternoon. It’s Thursday, right?

  • I have an awful, dry, scratchy throat. I have a cold, or it has recently melted enough for my mold allergy to kick up. Who can say? In any case, it feels great to drink hot tea. I have had so much already today that I feel sloshy. Roughly 64 oz. It’s 2:30.
  • Today Zoey found a princess wand in the toy box and said, “Ooooo…MYSTICAL!” I’d like to think we’re raising her to be that brilliant, but I should probably give Super Why credit where credit is due. I think it was Princess Presto related.
  • I ate sushi. I’ve grabbed some fake crab sushi at the grocery store before, but this was the first time I went out for real sushi. With raw fish and everything. Not sashimi, but still. I thought it was some of the most beautifully presented food I’ve seen, and it was pretty tasty, too.
  • Going out for sushi required getting a babysitter. We hadn’t hired an actually babysitter since our Most Awesome Babysitter moved last May. Yes. Last May. Don’t panic – we’ve been out when grandparents or someone are around. But we haven’t been out enough. New Babysitter was delightful. I hope she doesn’t think she needs to do anything silly like move out of state.
  • Raising a toddler with older siblings is a very different experience than raising a toddler who is the oldest child. A few days ago I went to turn on a show for Zoey to watch, and the girls had left it on Nickelodeon, which was showing Big Time Rush. I asked Zoey if she’d like to watch Blues Clues or Sesame Street. “NO! Big Tie Russ!” Wow. Ok. I hovered, in case she changed her mind. She didn’t. She watched the whole episode.
  • I am slowly becoming a list maker. I have started making all kinds of lists. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to look at them. Case in point: 2012 Goals. I just found them in my calendar when I was transferring info to a new one at the end of December. Maybe I should think of a more prominent location for things like that.

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