Purple passion


I wasn’t going to participate in Gretchen’s color spin this week, but after reading her post I think I have to now. She’s talking about colors. Sing it with me! Have you ever heard the wolf cry…to the blue corn moon… Or not. That’s fine. I’ll just do it in my head.

Ella’s favorite color changes nearly weekly. Natalie’s changes, but not so often. I once met a boy at camp whose favorite color was orange. He liked it because nobody else really did, and he felt a little sorry for it. I have ALWAYS had the favorite color purple. Always. A good, deep purple. I don’t know what my attraction to it was originally, but once I found out that purple is the color of royalty and my name means princess – well. I figured that sealed the deal for life. Even though purple is my favorite, it’s not usually a big player in my closet. There are colors that look better with red hair. But I’m always drawn to it. And I’m thankful that a nice eggplant seems to be a pretty timeless clothing color. And dying my hair blue, teal, and my beloved purple was a sort of weird dream come true. I only wish it would have lasted longer (apparently colors of that variety don’t like to stick around).

When I was reading Gretchen’s post, she linked to a “what your favorite color says about you” article. FASCINATING.

Here are the personality traits they list for people who like purple:

  • Highly individual – I always hope so.
  • Fastidious – Not really. I’m a clutter bug. BUT. There is a side of fastidious that’s more about accuracy and details. YES, MA’AM. I’m that obnoxious person that posts a snopes link every time you put something on Facebook. Disregard for accuracy and sources makes my skin crawl – I mean, I get fidgety and really have trouble letting it go. I’ve always credited that to my newspaper family upbringing.  Some days it’s better for me to just shut Facebook down. Particularly during political seasons.
  • Witty and sensitive – Again, I hope so. Growing up it was always a personal goal to make a grown up laugh at humor they would appreciate.
  • Strong desire to be unique and different – Perhaps to a fault.
  • Temperamental – I am not. Maybe a little. Probably. Ok, fine. That I can blame on the red hair, right? I’m pretty even keel about a lot of life areas, but I can be…moody…as well.
  • Expansive and artistic – I would say I’m not artistic, but that’s probably not completely true. For one thing, I make my living as a graphic designer. For another, sometimes I fancy myself to be a writer. It’s just that I can’t draw even enough for a game of Pictionary. But I am drawn to artistic things, and might be artistic in my own way.
  • May become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood – Who, me? Never. (Get it? That was me. Being sarcastic. ahem.)
  • Unconventional, tolerant and dignified – I’m all for thinking outside of the box. I would consider myself tolerant in some respects. There are plenty of things I am certainly not tolerant about. Inaccuracy. Cruelty to others. Casting judgement. When my kids do something they knew was wrong. And I hope I’m dignified. I would rather leave a bad situation with my head held high, than let someone see me melt down. But not so dignified to be stuffy.
  • Likely to achieve positions of authority – Ok, no. Not so much on that one. But for really only that one to be off is pretty impressive.

So there you have it. I like purple. Always have. Always will. Maybe even a little more now.



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  1. Woohoo! So glad to have lured you in! You are indeed a purple. I can’t say purple’s a favorite for me, which is bad, because it’s a color I look good in – I should buy more purple.

    You are linked!

  2. I like purple too, but have never thought of it as my favorite color. It is, however, my daughter’s all time favorite! So I buy a lot of purple. Glad you joined in this week!

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