I’ve gone soft


It’s cold. I’m freezing. It’s not really that cold today – the high is actually 20 degrees. Although it feels like 11. But that’s not 0, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about. Except I don’t like to be cold.

I think the trouble was that I got out of the shower about 5 minutes before I had to take Ella & Natalie to school, and then Zoey and I went to the grocery store. With my wet hair. And no hat. I don’t know if you’ve ever had frozen hair before, but it’s tough to come back from. A rookie northern winter mistake made by this lifer. And while the temp isn’t in the negatives, it is still cold enough that the furnace seems to have a hard time keeping up. It’s been running constantly all day. Like it’s gotten behind.

I know what that feels like. Especially lately. The laundry is never caught up. Neither are the dishes. Neither is my work. It seems I never have that feeling of, “Ok, everything’s settled.” Most days if I have gotten a decent amount of work done, and Zoey has eaten AND had a few diaper changes, I feel pretty good. Even every time I’ve gone to the store recently I’ve come home and realized I’ve forgotten something. Or rather, some things.

I like the idea of hibernation. I would like to just hunker down and wait for spring. Curl up under some blankets and come out again when the lows are in the 40s.

But life seems to move on whether we’re ready or not. Kids still have school. Work still needs to be done. My family likes to eat dinner. Every single day. The clothes get dirty. And there is nothing in this world, NOTHING that reminds you of time moving on quite like a toddler. Every day is something new – whether good or bad. Mostly good, even if the bad sounds a little…louder.


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  1. Oh how I hear and understand! I think if I ever become wealthy the first person I employ will be someone whose entire job is laundry and dishes. Just those, nothing else. And I bet I’ll have to pay said person for at LEAST 30 hours a week. Sorry you’re cold. Denver is cold too. I’m not a fan.

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