RTT: A day in the life


Random Tuesdays are my favorite. Because I live in the random. My entire weekdays are random. Take the girls to school. Come home. Let Zoey finish her breakfast. Start a job. Phone call – drop job and work on another one. Zoey wants more milk. Wait. Which job was I working on? I guess I’ll do this one. Must remember to put dinner in the crockpot. Finish a job – yay! Head for crockpot, phone call – nevermind the crockpot – work on third job. Zoey needs a new diaper. Zoey wants a book read to her. Make a cup of tea. Frantic string of emails! Get these three jobs done this morning! Zoey is crying and frustrated. Give her the crayons – but she doesn’t want the crayons – I have crayons! Give her the crayons. She doesn’t want crayons. I have crayons! Give her the crayons – now for some reason, it’s ok, she’s happy. Oh, thank you Mommy. One hour to go to get those jobs done, and then I have to get to the crockpot or it’s not going to happen. Halfway done on jobs – phone call from school counselor, do I have a minute to talk? Sure. Talk about girl drama (way too young if you ask me). Shoot, must finish those jobs right now. Smell awful smell – change diaper. Finish jobs. Remember tea left to steep 20 minutes ago. Drink it room temperature while working on original job of the morning. Read book to Zoey. Wait – remember laundry that I wrinkle released when I went to wake up Ella. Wrinkle release it again. Back to original job. Phone call – just one more change to job #3 of the day. Shoot! Zoey needs lunch before it’s naptime. Get lunch for Zoey. Finish job #3. Back to original job – finally finish. Change diaper, put Zoey down for nap. Laundry! Hope it’s still warm from the wrinkle release #2 – yes! – fold laundry after starting another load. Finish cold tea. Eat lunch while watching a delightful grownup tv show of some sort, to drown out Zoey. Start next oldest job – phone call – scrap that – need to create a catalog page like order form with 20 items by 4 pm! Will have to pick girls up at 3, so really this needs to be done before then. Zoey doesn’t really nap. Convince her to read books alone. Order form. Order form. Shoot! Crockpot – too late. No more books for Zoey – I watch Call Maybe? Not now – play babies? No! Play Little People? No! Move these cotton balls from one tupperware to another? Yes! Really? Because to me, that seems like the least fun choice. But hooray, she’s occupied! Order form. Order form. Order form done – phew! Must hurry to pick up older girls – wait – Zoey needs a diaper. Hurry, hurry! We’ll be late! Boots! Jackets. Mittens. Hats. Car seat. Try to find parking. Go into school. Say hi to office staff! Say hi to parents! Say hi to teachers! Get older girls, out to van, Zoey in car seat, check phone – voicemail. Quick change on order form! Hurry home! Make change – hurry! Activity for older girls starts at 4! Back to the car seat! Five minutes late. 55 minutes to waste. Not really enough time to go home. Target errands. Hurry! Back to pick up older girls! Head home. Homework, homework! Study spelling! Entertain Zoey! Oh no. Scrapped the dinner in the crockpot, so what now? Frozen pizza it is. Change diaper. Probably forgot something was on the bottom of the oven – smoke detector goes off. Fan smoke away. Eat dinner. Hurry! Showers! Bath! Jammies! Hide away for 20 minutes playing on iPad while girls rough house with Captain America. I don’t like to see all the almost injuries. And the laughter and screaming gets really loud. Someone cries – rough housing is over. Bedtime snacks! Brush teeth! GO TO BED! Hugs, kisses, prayers. Oh, hey. Forgot laundry from before lunch. Will have to dry it tomorrow, because the dryer bothers Ella when she’s trying to fall asleep. Run dishwasher. Make tea. Try to catch up on work. Glazing over. Remember tea, drink a little warmer than room temperature. Make sure homework is signed, start to pack lunches. Watch an hour of tv. Go to bed, because it will be just like that again tomorrow. Or worse.

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  1. You exhaust me. I need a nap. How did you remember all that? Sounds like a big blur of frustration. And the part in your day that you cried? Where was that?

    You are Wonder Woman.

  2. Yes! Totally identify. Just yesterday, I started to put food in the crockpot 3 times, and kept getting sidetracked and never did it!

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