My Summer Vacation


*tap* *tap*

Is this thing still on? Can you hear me?

I just thought I’d drop by and tell you about my summer vacation. Since school is starting next week and all. It’s been a busy summer. But not really, all at the same time. We’ve done more than our share of staying home in our jammies all day.

If this summer had a theme, it would be the Summer of Nostalgia. I could not be happier. I’ve just been soaking it all in. Nostalgia is my jam.

In June, Captain America and I spent a long weekend on the North Shore of Lake Superior. We stayed at a little resort, I suppose, that I’ve visited roughly a million times since I was small. Only not so much in the past 10 years. It was so delightful to spend time in a place that has always been a place of serenity to me. And without kids, no less! Such a nice time. Bonus: This is the same town where Captain America and I honeymooned 15 years ago this week.

In July I was able to go to my hometown’s summer water festival with my older girls. They were in the Kiddie Parade, just like I was a thousand years ago. Their entry was “Charlotte’s Web.” Ella was Charlotte and Natalie was Fern. We fashioned some spider legs out of foam pipe insulation. It was very last minute, but really fun. Until we realized that we got 4th place out of 4 entries in the “Storybook” category. That evening we went to the lighted pontoon parade and watched the fireworks. Both things they had never done before – but are full of memories for me. Sunday we ate Rotary pancakes in the park and went to the parade. The rest of the weekend was full of visiting with family and old friends. The height of nostalgia was standing around with childhood friends while our kids played on a playground we had been on together many times before. Of course, with way cooler equipment now.

For my August Nostalgia Fix, I flew out to Maine to visit some friends from college. We all know each other through Captain America, but he was awesome enough to stay home with kids so I could go have Grown Up Time. I had not seen Jim & Amy since their wedding day. EIGHT years ago. Jim and I had actually only met twice in real life before. Sometimes Facebook has a way of bringing people together. Rebecca I had not seen since her brother’s wedding. TWELVE years ago. TWELVE. Twelve whole years. But we just jumped right in where we left off and had the most fun. Those are the very best kinds of friends. Time and distance mean nothing. I feel like I have a lot of those in my life, and I am so very grateful for them. It was four days of Proper Maine Tourism alternating with supreme relaxation. Great food. Adult beverages. Laughing til I couldn’t breathe and I had tears in my eyes.

All in all, an absolutely fantastic summer for nostalgia. And in my mind, it doesn’t get better than that.


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