Thanksgiving is coming


The weather has turned. The leaves are falling. Halloween costumes are done. Soon it will be November, and November means Thanksgiving.

Every year I find myself in a struggle to remember and honor Thanksgiving, and not skip ahead to Christmas. Christmas easily turns into all hustle and bustle and no substance, so for me it’s important to keep Thanksgiving. For the last couple of years we’ve left a bowl and some papers out for anyone who wants to write something they’re thankful for and throw it in. At the end of the month, we read through them over dinner some night. It’s been really fun to remember all those things we’ve been thankful for in the middle of the Christmas Crazies. It’s especially fun when we’ve had guests that contributed to the bowl, and we see what they’ve written, too.

This year I’m thinking of adding a little something extra. Maybe doing 30 random acts of kindness for the month. Sometimes with kids, sometimes without. Everything from an encouraging note, to a quarter in a gumball machine, to who knows what. That’s why it’s random. I’m trying to decide about notes with them. Seems a lot of Pinterest Peeps make up little cards to go with their random acts, but I can’t decide if that’s something I want to do or not. I think it can be nice for people to know it was intentional, and that they aren’t just taking someone else’s quarter. So maybe I will.

Anyone else interested in giving it a go? I’m not going to beat myself up over it if I don’t get to it every day. A little kindness over the month is better than none at all.


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