Friday Five: Baby, it’s stinking freezing outside


I love a Friday Five. I’m picking my own topic today: Why I like the cold. You see, I am NEVER smart enough to plan a warm vacation in January or February. I always forget about it until after Christmas, and then I desperately wish I had some actual warm weather to look forward to in the coming weeks. Since the forecasted high here for Monday is in the negative double digits, I thought I could list some reasons I LIKE cold. Because it’s going to take all the positive thinking in the world to get me through it.

  1. Getting cozy. I love curling up under a blanket with as big of a mug of tea as I can find to watch a little tv. Or a little red wine. Maybe some of the Christmas movies I haven’t watched yet. Or just some HGTV or Food Network. Sweaters, scarves, wool socks. And books! It’s not like I need to go outside and tend the garden. Severe cold is like a license to be lazy. I won’t even be running errands. I hope.
  2. Soup. I love soup. Nothing is better on a cold day than a big bowl of soup and warm bread.
  3. Sunshine. Sometimes, when it gets REALLY cold, it’s physically too cold to snow. No clouds. Just deceptively sunny skies.
  4. Darkness. It’s a lot easier to convince your kids to go to bed at a decent time (8 pm at our house), and sleep later when it’s this dark. Trying to convince Zoey in June that even though the sun is up at 4:30, it’s not really morning is not my favorite task. And it’s so hard to get kids to go to bed when it’s still light outside. We have got some serious room darkening drapes in all the bedrooms, and it’s still not enough to combat summer sun.
  5. Boring chores are nice. There’s nothing like sub-zero temps to make washing dishes in hot water a welcome task. Or folding warm laundry. Maybe I’ll just put those warm sweatpants, fresh from the dryer on right now…

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