Friday Five: Random


I’m going to be honest. Zoey’s probable Influenza shot my week all to pieces. I’ve got nothing to show for the week except a slightly better but crabby child, and some serious sleep deprivation. Between that and the constant Arctic temps, I can’t form a coherent thought. Severe lack of sleep and permanent cold has broken me. So today, five random thoughts. And then I’m going to dig out the vitamin D supplements and consider a second cup of coffee.

  1. I’ve recently become obsessed with All Things Tudor. I think everyone in court was insane then, and no wonder. They never drank anything but ale or wine since everything else made them sick. All that inter-marrying. All the diseases they probably had from bad food and sleeping around and general uncleanliness. The crazy “doctor” remedies. Good gracious. It’s like an accident I just can’t look away from.
  2. I’ve gotten to that point of cabin fever where I NEED to get out and see people, but it’s so cold I just want to curl up and watch movies (or sleep! sleep would be awesome!). It’s hard to be an extrovert in Northern winters. Usually I can buck up, but the sick kid did me in.
  3. Apparently I look so defeated, that this morning Natalie asked me to leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher so she could put them away when she gets home from school. I have sweet girls. Of course, they also told me I looked terrible and asked what was wrong with me. But I’m going to overlook that. Sweet girls.
  4. The plus side of a sick kid and uber cold temps is I think we save money. Who has time for Target? Who would leave the house? I’m not going out to pick up any kind of dinner. I’m not going anywhere I don’t absolutely have to, so I’d be saving on gas if I didn’t have to warm the van up for the sickie. Of course, all that money and then some is just going toward heat. It probably balances out.
  5. One of the best purchases I did make this month was a fake fireplace space heater. Our tv room is an addition that’s on stilts, which means all that cold is right under the floor. The space heater makes it quite a bit cozier out there. If you don’t look too closely, you can pretend it’s a real fire. Plus it’s actually warm, which is fantastic. And the flames remind me that I turned it on, and should turn it off again before I go to bed. Where I don’t sleep. In any case, I’ve been so glad we went ahead and got it.
  6. Bonus #6! How fantastic is American Idol this season? I didn’t watch last year’s, because I didn’t think I could stand that panel of judges. Harry Connick, Jr this year? Ah. Maze. Ing. He’s a brilliant musical mind, with some serious technical feedback. But he’s also hilarious. He’s honest without being cruel. It’s a whole new show. I’m a big Phillip Phillips fan, but I didn’t care for that season in general. And I love the rest of the panel, too, but especially the chemistry between all of them. The auditions have been great, and I love that they’re showing more behind the scenes, more of the middle ground singers where we don’t know if they’ll make it or not, and much less of the bad/crazy people that we all know aren’t going through and have just wasted everyone’s time. So, so good.

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  1. Oh man, I’m so sorry you’re stuck inside. It’s so hard to have any energy to get anything done when you’re feeling crummy and stuck. Yikes. And you just sent me to DVR American Idol. I was so disgusted by last season that I’d stopped watching it, but I do love Harry Connick Jr, so I’ll give it another try!

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