Conversation with a 3 Year Old


We are on the way home from dropping sisters off at school today. This conversation was not related to anything previously discussed. The only helpful piece of information is that Zoey is deeply into knowing what every living thing might eat.

Zoey: “Natalie was a unicorn. She had a costume. It was a unicorn. And Ella was a witch. And Zoey was a monkey.”

Me: “At Halloween? Yes. You’re right.”

Zoey: “Monkeys like bananas. I would like to feed monkeys bananas.”

Me: “Monkeys do like bananas.”

Zoey: “What do unicorns eat?”

Me: “I guess I’m not sure, what do you think unicorns might eat?”

Zoey: “NO! What do UNICORNS EAT?!?”

Me: “Oh. Well, I wonder if they might like cotton candy.”

Zoey: “YES! And witches eat giant potatoes.”

Me: “They do? They eat giant potatoes?”

Zoey: “No! That’s silly. They don’t eat giant potatoes.”

Me: “Oh, ok. What do you think they eat?”

Zoey: “They eat small potatoes.”

Yes. Yes, of course.


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