He wanted to tell EVERYONE


This song. There is not a Christmas song in the world that digs into me like Sara Groves’ “It’s True.” It’s a lovely song. But the thing that gets to me most is Sara’s little son, Toby, reading those words at the beginning and end. Brings tears to my eyes every time, and makes me wonder so many things. I know I’ve written about it before, but every year it seems to prick some new thought process.

One of the things little Toby says is that “God was like a new dad. He couldn’t keep the Good News to himself.” “He’d been waiting all these long years for this moment, and now He wanted to tell everyone.” WHAT A PICTURE. Honestly, I can’t get over it.

Until this moment, was God’s view of earth kind of like me watching Titanic? I know how it ends. I hope it will somehow end differently, but I know the ship goes down. I see everyone flitting through their lives and keep thinking in the back of my mind, “None of this matters – that ship is going down.” I see them being told about the lifeboats, and they poo-poo it. But I want to scream at them, “YOU’RE GONNA NEED THOSE LIFEBOATS.” I see the class system in action and wonder why Snotty Rich Lady’s life is more valuable than that sweet little steerage girl, Cora. Then they show all the people in the water and I want to shout, “It didn’t have to be this way!” None of it matters.

And then God comes with his real-life, bigger than Titanic, actually unsinkable lifeboat, Jesus. Can you imagine? Jesus being born into the world is not a last-ditch effort. It’s not a “Gee, nothing else is working, let’s try this…” From the beginning, God knew this would happen. This was always the plan. God is not surprised. And it’s time! “God, who came down to find you.” This is it. After so long, the savior is coming. And He places the star. It’s a spotlight for His Son. An invitation. He is physically pointing the world to the answer. It’s not for rich people or certain races, it’s for anyone and everyone.

Just like a new dad. Only it isn’t just his baby boy he’s showing off on Facebook, it’s the means by which He will be able to call His children back to Him. He came down to find YOU. Because you are worth it. The shepherd wants to take every last wandering sheep with Him to safety.

It’s true. It’s not a bedtime story. I believe it’s real. It’s so easy to get lost in Christmas Hoopla that we can forget it’s a celebration of the real and actual Savior. It sounds so ridiculous and strange. Completely outrageous. But as the angel says, “Is anything too wonderful for God?”


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