Fayncy! I have a whole separate page!

Ok. I am 34. I have been married to Captain America for 14 years. We have three girls: Ella (9), Natalie (7), and Zoey (2). I work from home, so I’m trying to pull of the Super Mom thing (mostly unsuccessfully – something always has to give).

I used to blog over at themommylogues, but for many reasons kind of lost my blogging mojo over there. So I’m giving it a go here. I come from a family of writers, and if I’m not writing somewhat regularly, I really miss it. Also, what with spending most of my time with the under 9 crowd, blogging *almost* feels like I’m talking to adults!

I picked the name 32 Flavors because I’d like to write about a little bit of everything here.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Sarah ~


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